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It seems that bad luck is not getting rid of Harman Baweja, despite of his hard work! He is not the best actor in the country of course, but he is a good actor. He have the persona, background and knowledge of all the aspects of film and film making. His choice of films is also not bad. His introductory movie took a lot to complete and was almost like a spoof movie with some good attributes. Followed by it, he had done a film with Ashutosh Gowarikar, and even tried encashing the popularity of the game of cricket it India as well. But nothing worked for him. Now there is a new film titled Dishkiyaoon in which he play the protagonist with the dark shades!

Here are our views for this film.

Movie : Dishkiyaoon
Director :
Sanamjit Singh Talwar
Produced by : Shilpa Shetty, Sunil Lulla
Music By : Palash Muchhal
Studio : Essential Sports & Media
Distributed By : Eros International
Dishkiyaoon - Bollywood Movie - DVD Cover

Dishkiyaoon – Bollywood Movie – DVD Cover

BhoothNath Returns - Hindi Film - DVD Cover

BhoothNath Returns – Hindi Film – DVD Cover

ased On
Starring : Harman Baweja (Viki Kartoos), Ayesha Khanna (Meera), Aditya Pancholi (Nawab Khan), Prashant Narayanan (Mota Tony), Anand Tiwari (Rocky), Sumit Nijhawan (Iqbal Khaleefa), Hasan Zaidi (Ketan), Sunny Deol (Lakwa), Natasha (Jiya), and others…

Some of the recent releases, based on the underworld or crime-world met with success. Which make producers to go for such film(s). However the film must have strong appeal to got success at the box-office. This film lacks it in part. Sunny Deol is in a supportive role and he doesn’t have to shout or fight in the film, but rather hear the story of Viki and at the end, guide him to move ahead.

Harman did a lot of work on his physique and it is visible. We can say he tried his best to justify the role offered to him but the movie somehow failed to touch the heart of a viewer for sure. Nowadays there is a requirement to have at least one very popular song in such film to attract a specific class of audience. Also the movie fails to provide the “thrilling” moments expected from it at large extent. And hence, a very few people went to watch the movie, so the word of mouth is not spread much as well. Otherwise, the film is not so bad. If you look at some of the commercial hits we got, it is better than that, and is one time watchable.

The movie starts with the glimpses of “passive” and “fearful” life of Viki, a child whose father is a gentleman (what else we can say) and mother is died. He got bullied and beaten in the school. And his father ask him to have passions and accept it. One day, he decided to find a solution to the situation. He then decided to meet a local goon, living in the society located in the opposite side of his home. The area is not good for good people.

His meeting with the goon was a life changing experience for him. No, the goon, doesn’t promise (nor did he) to support Viki, or help him! But, rather asked him to respond to the mishap. And Viki did it. When bullied the next time, he answered in even powerful and brutal way! It was his first fight and even the first step in the world of crime. As now he is fascinated with the power and the world of goon. It looks him charming. He gradually gets aged and his relations with his father got sour and there seems to be no point of conciliation coming their way. One day, he left his home and now started living with the goon.

In rest of the story we see the developing love life of Viki, the games playing in underworld. And how Viki also play his dice there!

As mentioned if there is better music album and tight story writing was there, the movie could have been effective. There are so many things look half backed. For example the relationship between Viki and his father is not explored in a way it should be. Even Sunny Deol’s role could have been better. The background music is good though. Ayesha Khanna plays her part. Aditya Pancholi have not much to do. It is Prashant Narayanan who is the scene stealer. His tussle at the party could have been filmed better though. A couple of assassinations are filmed well though. The action is stylish. Cinematography is very good at places. It seems much of smoking in the film. Anyway, it could be director’s vision about the world of crime.

Overall a movie, which is not as bad as it got response from the box office. It could have been a nice watch with tight story telling and given more footage to some half backed stuff. It is something you will like to watch if action movie is your genre and you don’t mind some adult stuff.

Did you watch the movie? Are you going to watch it? What are your views about this movie? Do share your thoughts with us via comments below.

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