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Dhoom 3 | Dhoom Machale Song Released | Doesn’t Impress Much

Dhoom 3 trailer is getting tons of views showing its popularity. Now the team have released its theme song – Dhoom Machale – for this movie.

However each film of the series is unique in its way and we should not compare them with each other. But, it is obvious as they share the same time and intended to be of same genre.

Of course the beats and rhythm of the song is kept fast and same as the previous version. It catches the ears as soon as heard. Some of the moves are eye-catcher as well.

What you think about this song? Do share your thoughts via comments below.

Personally we are not much impressed with the song especially picturisation. The fantastic moves by Hrithik in Dhoom -2 obviously made the job tougher for Katrina and the choreographer both. Let us recall the previous versions of the song which made people to dance with them.

Dhoom Again From Dhoom -2

Even the very first version was fantastic too. Though Esha is a trained classical dancer and there are no such moves in the songs, its music an picturisation was responsible at large extent to make it instant hit.

Dhoom machale from Dhoom

It was a commercial success for Tata Young as well.

Dhoom Dhoom by Tata Young

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