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Dedh Ishqiya | Bollywood Film | Hindi Movie | Personal Reviews

Dedh Ishqiya – the latest film produced by Vishal Bhardwaj is in talks since a while. It is one of the most awaited Hindi films of Bollywood for the year of 2014. Here are our personal reviews for the same.

Movie : Dedh Ishqiya
Director :
Abhishek Chaubey
Screenplay : , ,
Produced by : Vishal Bhardwaj, Raman Maroo
Music By : Vishal Bhardwaj
Cinematography : Setu
Editor : A. Sreekar Prasad
Studio : VB Pictures, Shemaroo Entertainment
Distributed By : Shemaroo Entertainment
Released On :
Starring : Naseeruddin Shah (Iftekhar alias Khalujan), Arshad Warsi (Razaak Hussain alias Babban), Madhuri Dixit (Begum Para), Huma Qureshi (Munira Aslam Zia Ul Bano), Vijay Raaz (Jaan Mohammad), Manoj Pahwa (Noor Mohammed Italvi), Ravi Gosain (Liyakat Ali), and others…

Some people think to go for it by considering it as comeback of Madhuri Dixit Nene. However she worked in Aja Nach Le earlier (after her marriage). Also she looks aged in some scene while look beautiful in others. The main thing she have to work now on, is her voice. Sometimes you torn between two accents so much that you get to see the other popping out when trying one. This happens when she speaks Hindi. And it is not only in the films. In her recent interviews and various shows the stuff was evidently visible. She is a nice actress though, and is convincing in the role of Begum Para in the movie. Huma is fantastic in some scenes and in some of her scenes you expect better dialog delivery for sure. However she is an ideal choice for the role.

Naseeruddin Shah is no doubt one of the best talents of Bollywood and it is evident in this film also. In earlier scenes of the movie he looks tired convincingly. To see his acting range, just see his reactions after his first song in the Mushayara. He in a bunch of seconds expressed so many emotions on his face, that you will simply applause him. Arshad Warsi is equally competent and delivers excellent performance. His timing is perfect and the role seems tailor made for him. Vijay Raaz is effective and first rate. Manoj Pahwa does his bits convincingly for the small role he got.

Overall a film you can go for fantastic performances. The music is another delightful stuff you admire from the film. The songs are good as well. The usage of Urdu makes the stuff more authentic. However a lot of people may not relate with the same.

The writing and screenplay leaves impact at various scenes. After a night of fight and everyone is keeping others on gun point, the appearance of the school prayer – Hum Ko Man Ki Shakti Dena – is one such fantastic scene of the film. The other scene I like to mention is when Babban flirts with Munira at the shooting competition. The phone related one liners, the songs, the food related stuff, all is weaved in the dialogs perfectly. And the comic timing adds to the positive aspects of the same. The conversation between Begum and MLA at the same competition also keeps punches in the dialog. The retro look of Begum reminds us the heroins from the 60s and 70s.

There is a suspense tale runs along with the main tale which is visible to the user. The stuff take several turns and before the climax, you got to know something even more shocking. The climax gives the feeling of being stretched though. However the film ends in the way that you can expect even more sequel of the same!

Let us take a little dig into the story:
Khalujan and Babban are con-men who don’t mind doing wrong. The movie starts with their attempt of a robbery in a jewellery shop (which comes as flash back). They succeed stealing the stuff but got almost caught within the shop itself. So they ran. Police started chasing them. There came a point where Babban and Khalujan got separated while Khalujan possess the valuable necklace.

Babban searches for Khalujan everywhere he can, but found no traces of him. However one day he saw him in TV! It came to know that – Begum Para – of Mahmudabad who is a widow now, arranged a Mushayara (stage show for the Shayars). There she invited people interested in being her groom-to-be. So it was a kind of groom choosing mission for her. Khalujan was one of the interested person!!!

Babban decide to attend the same to caught Khalujan. They meet in an interesting manner at Begum’s place. The Begum is always surrounded by Munira, her maidservant cum friend cum caretaker cum confidante. She avoids presence of Babban initially. Babban however was determined to befriend with her. So Khalujan is interested in Begum and Babban in Munira, seems all right?! No, it is not!!

A local MLA is also interested in marrying Begum! He has all kind of powers including money and muscle in his possession. So the path is tough for our dashing duos!!

What happens then after and how one after the another mysteries are explored and resolved is the rest of the movie.

The film may not appeal much to young people but it is a good cinematic experience for sure.

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