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Nikhil Advani’s latest offering “D-Day” is a movie with the concept of patriotism and fight terrorism at the maximum extent. The movie is about how a team of four brave patriot fellows including spy, army officer and other lands into the enemy land to capture the most wanted criminal in India.

Movie : D-Day
Director :
Nikhil Advani
Written By : ,
Produced by : DAR motion pictures, Emmay Entertainment
Music By : ShankarEhsaanLoy
Cinematography : Tushar Kanti Ray
Editor : Nikhil Advani
Distributed by : DAR Motion Pictures(India), Yash Raj Films(International)
Released On :
Starring : Rishi Kapoor (Iqbal Seth Aka Goldman), Arjun Rampal (Captain Rudra Pratap Singh), Irrfan Khan (Wali Khan), Huma Qureshi (Zoya Rehman), Shruti Haasan (Suraiya), Nassar (Ashwini Rao, Chief Of RAW), Sandeep Kulkarni (Atul Mishra), K. K. Raina (Gen. Razak), Chandan Roy Sanyal (Goldman’s nephew), Aakash Daahiya (Aslam), Shriswara (Nafisa, Wali Khan’s wife), Dwij (Kabir, Wali Khan’s son), Imran Hasnee (Saleem Pathan), Nissar Khan (Niyaaz Ahmed), Maryam Zakaria, and others…

The movie was a critical and commercial hit. Rishi Kapoor is one of the talents which are not used upto his potential during his career. He himself conveyed his disappointment in the same regards many times. He played romantic lead for remarkable time, and then took a little break. Then he started doing the movies in which he look convincing as per his age. He started experimenting in character-actor roles. Be it Do duni chaar, Agneepath or now D-Day; his acting in all these roles are having different shades and he does them convincingly. Arjun is now getting more and more good roles and he is trying to prove his potential. Irrfan Khan is a good actor and he looks almost same during his long career. He got one of the key roles in the film and without a doubt he does justice to the same. Huma Qureshi is one different kind of actress who doesn’t follow the conventional path of a typical actress. She is getting diverse type of roles which she plays convincingly. Shruti have a long way to go to justice her last name “Haasan” which belongs to one of the finest talents – Kamal Haasan; even her mother Sarika is a fantastic actress.

Seeing Nassar in different kind of role than what he played in Rowdy Rathore gives us the idea of his acting versatility. Though his role have some flows in terms of accent in dialog delivery. At various point he speak accent-less Hindi and in some-scene we find South Indian accent in his Hindi. Aakash Daahiya does justice to his role, I think we had last seen him in – Chillar Party. K. K. Raina is a fine talent as we know, he got a small role here and plays it well. Some other actors plays their small roles as per their abilities. The music has not much scope in the film. Rajpal Yadav’s song moves ahead the story so you cannot leave the song. None of the other song create any convincing impact. It is the background music which is up-to-the mark.

The sets and locales are authentic and gives you the feelings of visiting the real locations. A lot of shooting of the movie is done in Ahmedabad – Gujarat. It is the climax of the film which stands out. It is also good to see Goldman playing his last card. It makes you stick to your seat and you then cannot live it till the finale is over. A lot of good thrillers fails in climax which this movie does justice to. The editing is good. Though in the first half an hour of the movie you need to pay attention to the screen to not to miss anything and understand what you are seeing. Later than the film progress in viewer-friendly manner.

The adult scenes could have been avoided and it doesn’t have any adverse effect on the film as the whole product. Also the scenes where the politicians decide to leave the agents on their own on the enemy land, makes you angry and disappointed. But it happens many times in the real world. That is how politics moves on. It is true that in some scenario, in order get the larger benefit in term of entire country a few countrymen’s personal loss is avoided. But, we can of course offer them support from behind, without coming into picture. A country is made up via its citizens, and, patriots cannot be left unsupported. This is a good thing you learn from the James Bond books and films, where Bond is getting support from a lot of factors, which makes him the best (fictional) spy.

The movie have its ups and downs, but the ups are more then the downs, which makes it an enjoyable thriller.

Let us take a brief look at the movie story.

Goldman – the second most wanted man in the world is now the most wanted man in India. He is the master mind behind so many terror activities and illegal stuffs. Currently he is living in Karachi – Pakistan. His son’s wedding is arranged in hotel Baituz Zahab with a famous Pakistani cricketer (retired)’s daughter. Wali Khan is a secret agent who is planted in the same city by chief of the RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) Ashwini Rao to keep an eye on ISI and other anti-India activities. Wali Khan’s identity and existence is not known to anyone in the RAW apart from Ashwini himself. He in order to look a natural citizen got married to a local woman and have a son named Kabir too. He knew that his social life and personal love and attachment all are a fictional dream life to him. One day, the dream would be over, he would be called back from the duty and this family life will be over!

Ashwini was about to retire and he sent the final message to Wali Khan to just come back. So after 9 years of long gap finally Wali’s on-field duty was about to be over. But before he come back to India, one day he saw something which is the biggest tip he got in his entire career. He see Goldman himself. As he is called back he can simply keep his eyes away from the fact, turn his back to it, and come back easily. But, the patriot inside him doesn’t allow him do so. He sends this information to Ashwini sir and plea him to not to miss this opportunity. They must do something to capture and bring Goldman to India. And this opportunity may not come back again.

Ashwini sends Captain Rudra Pratap Singh from Indian Army (Ex) who now works for the country as mercenary too; Zoya Rehman, an explosive expert from RAW; and Aslam, a thief, who is recruited just 9 days ago by RAW on a mission to support Wali Khan and execute a mission to apprehend Goldman.

How they moves ahead from this point and what is the result of their attempt to capture Goldman is the rest of the story.

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