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Bobby Jasoos | Bollywood Movie | Hindi Film Reviews

Recently released Hindi Film Bobby Jasoos was in talks and was able to create a hype around its release time. The film was expected to be as gripping as – Kahaani – starring Vidya Balan as the protagonist. Also the marketing of the film and various get-ups of Vidya Balan shown in the promos raised the curiosity about the movie a lot. So let us check if the movie was able to fulfil the audience’ expectations.

Movie : Bobby Jasoos
Director :
Samar Shaikh
Produced by : Reliance Entertainment, Sahil Sangha/span>, Diya Mirza
Screenplay By :
Music By : Shantanu Moitra
Editor : Hemal Kothari
Cinematography :
Production Company : Born Free Entertainment/span>
Released On :
Starring : Vidya Balan (Bilkis Ahmed/Bobby), Kiran Kumar (Anees Khan), Rajendra Gupta (Bilkis’ Abba), Supriya Pathak (Bilkis’ Ammi), Aakash Dahiya (Munna), Arjan Bajwa (Lala), Ali Fazal (Tasawur), Vinay Varma (Tasawur’s father), Gangadhar Panday (Naeem), Anupriya Goenka (Afreen), Tanvi Azmi (Kausar Khala), Benaf Dadachandji (Noor), Prasad Barve (Shetty), Zareen Wahab (Afreen’s Ammi), Raina Rao, Tejas Mahajan, Sundeep Hemnaoni, and others…

It must be said the movie is gripping at various places and it is definitely a good watch, but we must say that it is not as good as it is expected. It works in pieces but fails to impress (at least as much expected) as a whole product.

Though you must watch the movie for some good scenes, some nice performances, non-vulgar and comparatively simple execution of the film. It is also worth to take a note about the portrayal of the city of Hyderabad in the film. The accent, the locales and the mood of the city is caught nicely in the film. The art director and crew deserves the credit for the same. Ditto, we can say for the wardrobe.

The background music is fantastic. There is not much to talk about the songs of the movie (in our opinion). The dialogs are simple and effective. The writers tried to put the local language nicely into the dialogs, and it works.

The script is good, but it must have been a tighter and so does the direction. The editor seems have tried doing his job but the overall pace of the movie doesn’t live upto the expectations for sure. Also the portrayal of tense moments, rising suspense and thrill, are below the mark.

If to talk about the actors Vidya performs pretty well. She slips into the character, and we can assume the work she need to do to portray a character who lives at a different place in different way (then her own). Kiran Kumar is seen on the screen after a long and he is perfect choice for the character he plays. Same we can say about the performances of Rajendra Gupta and Supriya Pathak who are convincing and natural as Bobby’s parents. Tanvi Azmi is hardly there, we wish her role could have been longer and had given some key scenes.

Akash Dahiya is getting recognised slowly and he is good performer. Arjan Bajwa justifies his role. Ali Fazal is good too.

If to look at the story it is a tale of Bilkis Ahmed aka Bobby who lives in a typical middle class Muslim family of Hyderabad. Her ambition of being a successful and remarkable detective doesn’t let her rest. She tried all she can, but was unable to create a place in the field which can seem promising. Her father was a typical man who does want her to settle down and be mature.

She does small thing of snooping and following people to get some money from her clients. But one day when a man named Anees Khan contacted her and offer her a handsome amount of money for the task of finding a missing person, she was on the sky. Her association with Anees Khan move ahed and she got started getting more money and the job to find more missing persons.

But, there came a day when she got suspicious about Anees Khan and his work. She decided to confront him. And,…., rest is the story.

Overall it is a good movie but it could have been much better with tighter script and fast execution.

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