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Making a meaningful film is a very tough job, even for an established director. Recently we see fumes and mixed reviews about latest release of Subhash Ghai who was once considered as the Showman of Bollywood (after Late Raj Kapoor). Frankly speaking Bhoothnath was not the film nor it got the success which can clear the path for its sequel, in my opinion.

But as the name of Nitesh Tiwari, the director of Chillar Party is associated with the film, I though the film Bhoothnath Returns must have something interesting to watch and it will be a film you can watch with entire family (It is very important attribute which is missing in a lot of films and even TV Shows these days).

Movie : Bhoothnath Returns
Director :
Nitesh Tiwari
Written by : ,
Produced by : Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Renu Ravi Chopra
Music By : Palash Muchhal, Meet Bros Anjjan, Ram Sampath, Yo Yo Honey Singh
Cinematography : Binod Pradhan
Editor : Namrata Rao
Distributed By : B R Films
Released On :
Starring : Amitabh Bachchan (Bhoothnath), Parth Bhalerao (Akhrot), Usha Jadhav (Bindia Pathak), Boman Irani (Jamez Porto aka Bhau), Sanjay Mishra (Mishti Baihud), Brijendra Kala, Usha Nadkarni, Usha Jadhav, Kurush Deboo, Shahrukh Khan (Cameo), Anurag Kashyap (Cameo), Ranbir Kapoor (Cameo), and others…

So what I found by watching the film, is it up to my expectations?
Yes, it is.

Now let us talk about various aspects of the film.

It seems that like Rajkumar Hirani, the makers of the film – Bhoothnath returns – have the clear idea of what is going on in the surrounding and people’s mind over the country. The film released in the environment of elections and it brings a good message regarding politics and electoral process. It conveys a simple message that one must vote. It is the right and duty of a person living in the democratic country.

Of course there are several downsides of the film, but the positive content takes over and makes the film a delight to watch. Amitabh Bachchan is a fantastic actor and he is one of the most sincere performers in any of his films. He does his bits in this film and gives a nice performance. Though nowadays you cannot see much of change in his get-up. His french beard needs to be retained in any role! His wardrobe should be designed in the way that it should cover most of his body parts. Definitely the skin get the aging effect, actually all the body part face it and we need to accept it. So in the special effects scene also, you may clearly recognize some stuff which is not that convincing (for example look at him as flying in the song – party with the Boothnath).

The kid playing Akhrot (Parth Bhalerao) is not a natural actor. He looks tying in several scenes. He does his sincere efforts though, but he could have been more convincing. May be the character he is playing comes from a different environment than he actually is familiar with. Boman Irani plays his character effortlessly. He looks his character.

There is no much chance of traditional Hindi songs in the film and director kept himself controlled to not to add unnecessary stuff, which is good. There was a time when movie had to have a title song, which mostly played during the titles. Nowadays there seems to be the trend of a song during the end titles of the film. The – party with the Bhoothnath – is such a song. It is good at beats and is good to hear as well.

Rest of the cast does their part in almost convincing manner. The sets are authentic. The Bhootworld segment of the film is inspired from a lot of films for Kids. You may remember Harry Potter films when watching that segment. Though technically it is far down than that of Hogwarts and other places for Wizards. But, Harry Potter films have that as the main canvas of the stories, and this film has the real world (and specially a typical Indian city) as the canvas, so it is alright.

The dialogs of the movie are simple and effective. They reflects the real life stuffs and it works for the film. The earlier adventures of Bhoothnath and Akhrot sets the stuff up very well. These incidents gives the message of being kind at heart, have moral values, help others and other such noble thoughts. And it prepares the story and audience both for the upcoming stuff, the battle with a cunning politician. The movie have emotional quotient as well. The bond between Akhrot and his mother is explored nicely. There is not much footage given to that track but the scenes given are convincing and they represent the stuff properly. For example when Akhrot brings Bhoothnath home for the first time, see how she plea Bhoothnath regarding the safety of her son. It is as natural as possible.

The cinematography and the background music are up to the mark. The editor did her work really nice. Overall the movie is definitely a good watch, not only for the kids, but the adults as well.

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