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Bbuddha…Hoga Terra Baap Hindi Movie Reviews

We often made to think that whether the movie reviews we read are really genuine? Well, to be frank, its not possible to keep personal likes and dislikes away when we refer anything. The thing is a reviewer have to be as neutral as possible in order to provide the genuine unbiased review about the stuff (he is reviewing). Two films released recently, both with its own hype and have the fan following of its lead (and the people associated with). Delhi Belly and Bbuddha…Hoga Terra Baap, we are referring here. Let’s review the latter here.

Its the story of Viju [Amitabh Bachchan] who is on a mission. Its the story of A.C.P. Karan [Sonu Sood] the dashing and effective police officer who is not as expressive when comes his love feelings for Tanya [Sonal Chauhan]. Its the story of the builder Kabir bhai [Prakash Raj] who plan and execute a bomb blast to kill a politician and the goons he have used are captured by Karan. It can prove to be dangerous for Kabir that the link could lead to him any time, and Karan openly declares that the bomb-blast was not terrorist attack but planned by a builder and declares a vision to put all the efforts to clean the city in next two months. Furious Kabir hires sharp shooter(s) to kill the ACP. Then comes Viju in the picture who is having a flaunty life style and who is younger by heart in spite of being older by age.

Viju attacks Karan several times at various places. Lucky Karan though escapes the death or even major injury every time. Why Viju is trying to kill Karan? Seems he is the one who is hired to kill Karan, of course, what else? We learn around the interval that Viju is on the mission to rescue Karan and his mother [Hema Malini]. He even play games to patch-up the love of Karan and Tanya. Why is he doing so? Viju infiltrate Kabir’s gang. He tried everything to get delayed the plan to kill Karan. But there comes one deadly attack on Karan which lead him to very serious condition. What will happen now?

The story is interesting but not up-to-the-mark to be precise. There are of course loose ends. Amitabh Bachchan plays his part well, when doesn’t he? He has shown a lot of physical efforts then his age and health permits, no two thoughts on the same. But, he is not looking ‘Chalu’ as Dharmendra can look without any efforts. The colorful shirt he wears in a scene reminded me Dharamji from Yamla Pagla Deewana. Hema Malini is as gracious as she is always. Though her role is not long enough. Ditto for Ravina. She comes and she goes, she leaves the impact and she is still beautiful and charming as she was. Sonu Sood is one of the dependable actors of the new generation and it is proved since his debut movie, no matter he came to lime light recently. This is a nice opportunity for him to act with Amitabh Bachchan (remember he played scenes from various Amitabh movies in – Dhoondhte Reh Jaoge – ?). Music is not as good as you can expect. The remix of Khai Ke Paan… just downs its impact. Makrand Deshpande is there only for a few scenes. Prakash Raj is making his place in Bollywood even firm. Puri Jagannath – the director – have tried providing a good movie. Nowadays when its tough to find a movie where you can go with the family in the theater, this can be a worth choice. The movie doesn’t live up to the hype made for it, but Bachchan fans will go to watch and enjoy the same, there are no two thoughts on that.

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