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Baby | A Nice Bollywood Thriller | Hindi Movie Reviews

Over the weekend we got a chance to watch the latest Bollywood move Baby and here are our personal views and reviews for the same.

Movie : Baby
Director :
Neeraj Pandey
Produced by : Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Bhushan Kumar
Written by :
Music By : Songs:
M. M. Keeravani, Meet Bros Anjjan
Background Score:
Sanjoy Chowdhury
Editor : Sanjoy Chowdhury
Cinematography :
Production Company : T-Series, Crouching Tiger, Cape of Good Films, Friday Filmworks
Distributed by : T-Series
Released On :
Starring : Akshay Kumar (Ajay Singh Rajput), Danny Denzongpa (Feroz Ali Khan), (Om Prakash Shukla), Rana Daggubati (Jai Singh Rathore), Taapsee Pannu (Priya Suryavanshi), Kay Kay Menon (Bilal Khan), Sushant Singh (Wasim Khan), Madhurima Tuli (Anjali Singh Rajput), Hasan Noman (Hani Mohammad, Saudi police chief), Mikaal Zulfiqar (Ashfaq), Murali Sharma (Gupta), Rasheed Naz (Maulana Mohammad Saeed Rahman), and others…

Neeraj Pandey is not very old in terms of the films he have made. But all the films he made are thrillers which are good paced and have content as the real hero of the film. His films are usually low budget but nicely executed and hence are capable to give users a good movie watching experience. Baby is his third movie as a director (other two are: A Wednesday and Special 26)

The name of the movie Baby doesn’t give the correct idea of what it is about. It is justified from the content it have, but, the movie could have a better name to attract the people towards the theatre (and to give them the correct idea of what to expect from the movie). The other thing is the romantic song added into the film, it is good and explores the family life of Ajay, but it seems a little “out of the place”, especially in a thrillers (A Wednesday – is perfect in that term). Also, why Rana Daggubati is seen in beard (especially when he operates in India)? Of course the characters should look like the agents in disguise, just like every other “common man”, but then also it (the beard look) seems little improper to us.

The script is tight and the story moves ahead with good speed. There are various countries and/or organisations who found the movie offensive from their perspective. But, if watch carefully, the movie talks about the things in balance. For example you see Feroz explaining that the terrorists are from different countries but got support from the local fellows, or, even after knowing the true identity of Indian agents, the Saudi Police chief does the right thing and let them complete their task. Other not-to-miss scene is when a youth who was tempted and trained at a militant camp came to officials and reveal the detail he has.

The movie is a brave attempt to take on a very prominent problem the most of the countries in the world face today – the terrorism. The movie also have its own way to tell how the answer to that – the counter terrorism – can be implemented. The movie also reminds that there are some real patriots who thinks about nothing else than the safety of the motherland, and we are not doing enough for them. We rather try finding our heroes in film stars and sports and often ignore such real heroes. Their story often remains unsung. And, it is really bad for any country.

Other good thing we see in the film are the fantastically written female characters. Ajay’s wife Anjali loves him a lot, and rather then complaining like any other average woman, she is full supportive to him. She know that Ajay can’t share the details of his work with her, and thus doesn’t demand anything in that regards from him! It is really good attribute. Otherwise, we often see “emotional blackmailing” or “taunting” come from such situations. She also takes care of the family and raises the children in the way that grow up with morals and love towards the family. Priya (another agent)’s character is explored in very good way too. See her combating Wasim Khan when the situation goes out of control and you will find that she never require anyone to help her and rescue. The best thing about the script and direction is; Ajay reaches to save her, but before that she took care of herself. And then, rather than the formalities the things just move ahead as routine.

Danny is a fantastic actor and he is in top form again. You cannot imagine anyone else doing his role. He is the one actor who keep his life very balanced. He work in good movies and took good time off to do other things in life. (Actually his way of managing personal and professional life is mentioned by famous Bollywood actor Sunil Shetty during one interview). Anupam seems to be Neeraj’s favorite actor (he is there in all the three films directed by Neeraj). Given the character with a different look, Anupam plays his bits. Recently Anupam got a few movies which took him out of some “typical movie roles” he was type casted in.

Taapsi Pannu is brilliant in her role. Madhurima is above average. Sushant and Rana are good in their roles. Mikaal is first rate as Ashfaq. We need to mention Murli Sharma for some comic relief and typical PA. Kay Kay Menon is convincing as always. It is Rasheed Naz who steals the show with his brilliant acting. His Urdu pronunciations are a delight to watch (actually hear). His expressions are fantastic. In the second half of his roles, he doesn’t need to do much, but in the earlier segment, he impresses.

Akshay Kumar is doing various kind of films which keeps him moving despite of box office results. We see him again in a look very similar to his in Sangharsh (only in physical appearance). He is good as no-nonsense, focused, special agent. He is convincing and his hard work is shown in the film.

The dialogs are very thoughtful; for example; at a place during a conversation between Ajay and Feroz, it is nicely mentioned that rather than talking much about any mission (like America performed in Abbottabad), one needs to perform it silently. One should count on results, rather than shouting about the plans and expose the strategy to the opponents (which makes them ready to respond).

The makers have found and explored some nice locations from Saudi. The sets are also very well thought and hard worked (to the smaller details) where required. Actually the background in almost all the scenes is filmed on the canvas which fits to it. The background music is another good aspect of the movie. The cameraman and cinematographer did their jobs nicely. Shree Narayan Singh’s editing is good too.

So apart from a few scenes, the movie is a nice watch, especially for thriller lovers.

Let us take a brief look at the story of the movie:
After some terrorist incidents in India, the government finally decided to have a special unit to perform counter terrorism. The unit was on the temporary base and it’s fate is based on it’s performance. The unit is headed by Feroz. The sole aim of the unit is to protect India from any terrorist attempt and its area of operation is – entire World. The unit’s mandate is coming to a close.

The story then explores a few operations including preventing Bomb Blasts in Delhi mall, a covert operation to catch Wasim Khan from Nepal, another operation to kill Bilal in Saudi Al Dera and capture Maulana from there.

Final verdict: As mentioned earlier, there are a few low points, but the movie is otherwise a nice experience for a thriller lover.

Curtsey: Poster – Wikipedia, Trailer – YouTube

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  1. basically the film is good, a different subject, akshay kumar may be some of the best films acted. the difficulty lies over is that netas cannot digest it, and we can see, at every turning point of he road, a neta will always be availabe, and makes a hullah over that.

    • A class of audience is smart enough to decide what is actually good and what is not. And it is the viewer’s point which makes the difference right?
      What is the best part of the film as per your opinion?
      What are the other films in similar genre (and/or Akshay Kumar) you like?

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