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Ankur Arora Murder Case | Bollywood Movie | Hindi Film Reviews

Ankur Arora Murder Case is the movie released in June 2013 which focuses on the dangerous issue of a death due to medical negligence. This issue based movie is inspired by some of the real life incidents on which the writer and the director spend a remarkable time. Though represented in the dramatized manner the movie tries tackling the issue in balanced manner.

Movie : Ankur Arora Murder Case
Director :
Suhail Tatari
Story by : Vikram Bhatt
Written by : Vikram Bhatt
Produced by : Vikram Bhatt
Music By : Chirantan Bhatt
Distributed by : ASA Productions and Enterprises, BVG Films
Released On :
Starring : Tisca Chopra, Arjun Mathur, Kay Kay Menon, Vishakha Singh, Ashish Jain, Paoli Dam, Sachin Khurana, Manish Chaudhari, and others…

Of course not all the doctors and/or people associated with the medical field are blamed for the issue of medical negligence. As a matter of fact, (the character of) a junior doctor works hard to bring the issue to the light and do what is correct. Take any field of the society and you will find the people of both good and bad category there and you cannot blame all them or cannot judge them by the act of some of them which fall in the other side. However those who are responsible for irresponsible act must be punished for the same. The movie makes an attempt to show this idea.

The movie didn’t got the box office attention it deserved, due to several fact. Point 1 is the lack of awareness amongst the people about the film. Also the issue based movies have a specific target audience. The movie also doesn’t hold some popular name (read Stars) to draw attention towards. The court-room drama might be executed in a better way. The movie contains the characteristics which might have been worked in satire kind of the TV serial (i.e. Office Office).

The director attempts to justify the story, but the screenplay deserve to be tighter. The love relationship between the jr. doctor couple is fine, but their live-in relationship seems to be added to the movie, just for dramatization purpose. So do their love scenes.

The beginning of the movie succeed in showing the no-nonsense, I-know-my-job and I-am-the-best attitude and persona of Dr. Asthana (played by Kay Kay Menon). The natural behavior of jr. doctors during the operation and the sr. doctor’s approach there, are honest. The experienced doctor consider some of the acts normal to do in operation theater and when the emergency is going on, one cannot afford to play emotional. A small delay can prove fatal for the patient, be it due to hesitation of doing some stuff.

Also in the corporate world, where you expect best services, the cost is also very high. Be it required or not, some of the tests are suggested by the doctor as mandatory so the costly utilities can be used and money can be earned by the hospital. It is also taken from the normal life that the CEOs of such hospitals are running the premises as a business and set the target (income) to achieve. The tons of money they spend behind the machines, the expert doctors, advertisements etc. all has to be recovered from the patient only. (As stated earlier, there are exceptions). The behavior of the hospital management authority in the party and during the controversy is explored well.

The reasons Dr. Asthana suggest to do some tests even though not needed, and his explanation for doing the same reflects some hard-to-digest truth. Also the cost of study is become so high for such skilled professionals, they expect more income to settle the things. Anyway, there is no reason that the medical negligence can be taken lightly. Of course, it result into some un-recoverable loss. Such movies needs be maid and a very few film makers attempt doing so. We appreciate them for touching the subject.

Kay Kay Menon is a seasoned actor and knows his job. Tisca is the proper choice for her role and she plays it convincingly. Vishakha does her bits. Paoli Dam is convincing. Harsh Chhaya needs a positive mention in terms of performance. Rest of the cast members try well to do their bits. Overall good performances. The background music is the positive side of the movie. There is no place for traditional Bollywood songs in the movie. The cinematography is good too. The producer and the director got distinction for choosing the subject and portraying it on celluloid in a nice manner.

The movie moves ahead with the story of Ankur, a child, brought to the hospital by his single mother. Ankur was complaining stomach ache. Earlier his mother considered probably he is trying to avoid school, but later she got to know that Ankur is in severe pain. She brough him to the hospital to give the best treatment to her only son. The jr. doctor diagnose the possible reason for the same and asked the lady to get Ankur admitted in the hospital. The doctor after being sure of the reason, was forced by Dr. Asthana to perform some additional test on Ankur for the business reasons.

It is detected that Ankur needs to go through an operation and Dr. Asthana is the expert who will be taking care of the act. It was came to know that despite known that the patient eat some stuff before a few hours of operations, Dr. Asthana busy with some schedules asked to operate the patient (after giving some medicines). Which was an irresponsible act. The entire movie is almost based on this incident. As you can guess from the title, the operation resulted into the death of Ankur.

Ankur’s mother was informed by the real facts by Dr. Romesh, a jr. doctor whose soul and moral drives him to support Nandita, Ankur’s mother through her battle against Dr. Asthana and the hospital. The things turn several turn and gets converted into the dangerous game. The focus then moves to the courtroom and rest of the film is Nandita’s fight for the truth and her late son’s soul. She got genuine support from some key fellows. Rest of the stuff is better to watch on screen.

No doubt, it is an honest attempt to explore a serious issue on screen with its own lows. It fails you engage with it throughout. Though, – Ankur Aroa Murder Case – can be watched once without a doubt.

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