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An Interview With Nimmu | Author Of Yours Forever

Hi Friends,

Allow me to introduce Nimmu, the author of Yours Forever. Recently, I got a chance to read this book from our team, and I’ve enjoyed the genuinely written love story.
By the way, here are our unbiased book reviews for Yours Forever.

Though, I don’t think the sad angle was necessary in otherwise smoothly going flawless story, but, well, the life works that way. And the author is entitled for her vision of the story.

Impressed with her way of exploring the world of medicine, the middle-class social environment and fair and darker side of the society in quite a decent manner; we’ve decided to know more about the author and her vision behind the story.

Nimmu - Author of - Yours Forever

Nimmu – Author of – Yours Forever

And, what could have been a better option if not an Author Interview? Fortunately, the things worked out positively and here is an interesting Q/A session with her.

Hi Nimmu,
Greetings from team ThinkerViews…!
We are glad to have a conversation with you. As your book is getting both commercial success and critical acclaim gradually. Can you share your feelings?

I am very excited and happy to see my books available in bookstores across India. It is every writer’s dream to see their book in print and it is a dream come true for me.

It is a kind of cliché question, obviously, you are feeling joyous, accomplished and happy, but, each time we are able to follow our passions the way we want to, we feel, inching more towards completeness. Do you think so? Or in addition to these feelings, it motivates you to tell more and more stories 🙂 ?

I feel anyone who does what he loves and earns a living through it is very blessed. I have found my passion but to be honest I’m not anywhere close to feeling complete. As a writer, I’m always looking for interesting stories around me and hope to become better with each story that I tell and reach a larger audience.

Can you tell us more about yourself, your background, your profession, and your passions?

I was born in Chennai. I did my college in Trichy. I have a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. I worked as a Programmer for a few years. I got married and moved to US. I am a stay at home mom with two children. I have been an avid reader from my young age. I used to imagine stories in my head all the time. There came a point in my life where I felt I couldn’t go back to programming and wanted to do something that I love. I got the courage to pen down the words. I self-published four of my novels on Amazon. It was an amazing learning curve. But I found that people loved to hold a book in their hands and read. So finally when FingerPrint Publishing accepted my novel to be published, I have the opportunity now to reach more audience than before.

By the way, what is the full name of author Nimmu?

Nimmo Rani

What draws your interest in writing books?

Books have been my constant companion in my ever changing territory of life. Every time I had a question, felt down or wanted to escape the mundane life, books have always been there for me. Now through my words, I wish to give my readers the same experience.

Can you share what made you write Yours Forever and what are the major challenges you faced when writing this book?

I wish to convey a message through my novels. The high rate of incidents happening to women in India affected me. When you read about such incidents in the newspaper it is just news. But when you are invested in a character in a novel and fall in love with her and then live through her experience for a few moments we feel what she feels and it affects you too. Through my protagonist in my novel, I hoped to convey the feelings a woman goes through after a grueling experience.

For the perpetrator, it is a one day thing, but for the victim, she has to live with that experience her whole life and it makes her entire life experience skewed.

The major challenges that I faced were researching the medical field and the life of medical students.

Can you share which segment of the book you enjoyed writing more in Yours Forever?

It is always the falling in love part! But the emotional part overwhelmed me while writing because I feel what the characters feel at each moment that I write.

Can you tell us more about your writing regime? Are you a method writer or an impulsive one?

I would say I am an impulsive writer. I plan the flow of the story usually before I go to sleep. When I write, I just go with the flow and write what comes. The next day I edit the previous days work and start writing again.

The book cover plays an important role in bookselling, were you involved in the book cover designing process? How much?

I wasn’t involved in the book cover design. But I was given a few options to choose from and I chose the red color cover because red is my favorite color.

Can you share your experience of the journey from writing your first book to getting it published?

When I wrote my very first novel and sent it to publishers, I expected immediate response and success! How naïve I was then. When that did not happen, I tried the self-publishing route. It was a great learning curve and wonderful to have full control of the novel from writing to marketing. But I realized soon that marketing an ebook was tough because most of the readers at that time were not comfortable with ebooks/kindle. But I never gave up. I wrote three novels after that. I actually self-published Yours Forever too and sent it to the publishers simultaneously. When FingerPrint accepted it I was thrilled.

Every book affects its author in some way. How do you think writing Yours Forever affected you?

Yours Forever made me realize how fragile life is and anything can happen to anyone at any given moment. I also wish there were better rules/laws for harassment against women.

What are the USPs of Yours Forever according to you?

I felt at a certain stage the Indian Book Market was flooded with college romance novels. But my novel can be read by people of any age because it deals with people who you can relate to in your daily life.

Who are your favorite authors whom you love to read?

Paulo Coelho, Dan Brown, Jodi Picoult and Bala Kumaran (Tamil writer), Preeti shenoy.

Which are the book(s) you are reading currently?

All we ever wanted – by Emily Giffin

What are your hobbies apart from your work and writing?

I love to make greeting cards, and art work using quilling. I also love to draw and paint.

What do you think about video trailer of the book(s) which are almost inevitable part of marketing these days?

I think it gives a visual feel to the book and a very good way to increase the interest in your novel.

The way you’ve explored the social gathering, people living in an apartment, the bond between parents and a child, grandparent and a child, selfless friendship, and other attributes, is really amazing. What is your inspiration behind being able to write it convincingly?

I feel the characters I write about should be someone who any average middle class person can relate too because that is the huge majority. I guess I drew some of the experiences from my life as well.

Can you share anything regarding your prime characters (or any specific attribute of them) which you’ve taken from real life?

I lost my mother when I was very young so I drew the experience of the father and daughter from that experience. Many people who know me well, said Sneha’s character resembles me a lot!

You must have done remarkable research about the medical world, social work and the way NGOs work. Can you share details about it?

My cousin (sister) who was doing Medicine gave me insights into the medical student life. My brother in law who is a doctor gave me insights into the doctor’s life. I have friend who works for an NGO in Chennai. They help women from underprivileged area become self-reliant. She gave me insights into how grass root NGO’s work. I went with her to one of the villages where she was mentoring women and helping them start a small-scale enterprise.

What is your opinion about EBook readers and their impact on the generation overall?

EBook reader is definitely picking up momentum. The convenience of carrying multiple books on a reader while travelling or on vacation is very convenient. Of course, the ebooks are a bit cheaper and it saves trees too. I think the younger generations are finding it more convenient and embracing this new technology.

Do you love to read traditional printed books more or EBooks?

I love the feeling of holding a book in my hand! So I guess I love traditional printed books. But while travelling I love the convenience of my kindle.

What are your opinions about various social networks and the way it can be used to spread awareness about some important cause around the globe?

We are at an amazing time in history where we can share anything with millions of people around the world. If we can use the same technology to create awareness and follow it up with action, we would be the generation which made a radical change to society. We forget that we the common man, have the power of numbers. If we can unite together and take steps to change those things that bother us, it would be the ultimate success of the technology.

Can you name the real life people/fictional characters which inspired you?

I draw inspiration from real life people around me. When I see my friends and family pick up and carry on with life after a tragedy or overcome some challenges in life with a good attitude they inspire me.

My mom’s mother – my grandmother inspired me. She was a karma yogi. A person who did her duty without complaints. I strive to be like her.

Yours Forever by Nimmu | Book Cover

Yours Forever by Nimmu | Book Cover

My father inspires me, at 82 he lives by himself and I sometimes wonder what it takes to motivate yourself to get up and carry on with life after the things he has endured.

My aunt – Father’s sister. Inspires me. She brought the family together and took everyone under her wings when anyone needed help.

My cousin’s wife inspires me. To carry on with life with a good attitude after a tragedy that she incurred is something I admire in her.

Like them, there are so many people around me who give me the motivation to become a better person every day.

Please share some time management tips which you are using in your writing regime.

I allot a time to write and stick to it. At that time all the housework or the thousand other things that need my attention has to be put on hold.

As a writer, no one is putting a gun near your head and asking you to write. It is the creative urge within you that wants this story to be told and it is a writer’s or any artist’s duty to be the pen through which the message comes through.

Don’t edit as your write. I feel first we need to let the story flow and then at a later time edit it.

Social media is a big distraction. So it is better to keep the phone out of your reach while writing!

Did you grow up hearing moral and ethical stories from parents/grandparents? If yes, how it affected your persona?

Yes, I did grow up hearing moral and ethical stories from my grandparents. The Christian school that I went to had a moral science class where we discussed on morals and values.

I definitely feel they have imbibed good values in me and helped me to stay the course and have faith in a higher power when things got tough.

Do you think that we are gradually losing the tradition of hearing “moral and ethical stories from grandparents”?

Yes, maybe from grandparents, because most of us live in a nuclear family. Children learn from what the adults around them do, so I guess it is up to us to be a good example for them. But through media and interesting cartoons, the same moral stories that we learnt through word of mouth is being passed on to the next generation.

Please share your Social Media/web presence, so that readers and fans can follow/contact you.
Please share anything you want to convey to the readers from your end.

I would love to hear your thoughts after reading my novel. So, it would be great to hear from you.

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