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Safari Magazine | October 2011 Issue | Views And Reviews

Safari is definitely one of the most respected science magazines and there are no two thoughts about the quality of articles it provide in the reader friendly language. The characteristics of the magazine makes reader awaiting for the latest issue of the same, eagerly. We were also starving to have a look to the content of the October 2011 issue ... Read More »

Safari English Magazine September 2011 Issue | Views And Reviews

After being respected for many years as a Gujarati-magazine which provide Knowledge & Science oriented facts in the easy to understand manner; Safari – entered the zone where they started publishing the English edition of the same as well, so the people can enjoy the bathing in the rain of the knowledge without facing the language barrier. Read More »

Reader’s Digest India | September 2011 Issue | Magazine Reviews

One of my favorite reads include RD or Reader’s Digest. I don’t know if there is a strange connection between them but RDs are always fascinating and quality providing, if he is RD Burman – the musician, RD (Rahul Dravid) – the cricketer, RD (Reader’s Digest) – the magazine or something similar…! Read More »