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Partners in Crime by Agatha Christie | Book Review

Partners In Crime by Agatha Christie

How does a love story end? Marriage and Happily Ever After….But, how often does one really get a “happily ever after”?!! Tommy and Tuppence – Our young adventurers from “The Secret Adversary“, are now married. Although they are leading a happy and comfortable existence, it is routine, monotonous and in Tuppence’s opinion – boring. She is yearning for those adventurous ... Read More »

The Pale Horse by Agatha Christie | Book Review

The Pale Horse First Edition Cover 1961

First published in 1961, The Pale Horse is a story taking place in the misty arena of supernatural forces. Every so often, we hear a very convincing story of appearances of spirits/ghosts and their supernatural powers. The innermost desire of every human being of attaining immortality finds it’s way out in the belief that there is a life beyond this ... Read More »

Half a Rupee: Stories | Book Review | Part 2

Haf A Rupee : Stories - A Book By Gulzar

Curious by seeing famous writer/poet Gulzar’s name associated with it, we bought Half a rupee : Stories (Kindle Edition) at very affordable rate from Amazon. The book is translated in English by Sunjoy Shekhar. We have already posted our views and reviews about the same in the first segment of reviews for this book. Book Title : Half a Rupee: ... Read More »

The Big Four by Agatha Christie | Book Review

The Big Four - First Edition Cover (1927)

First published in 1927, The Big Four reminded me of a 70’s Bollywood masala entertainer. Powerful villains, look-alike long separated twins, impostors, kidnapping, a long chain of mysterious murders, a big conspiracy and a happily ever after at the end of it……Sounds familiar…isn’t it? Especially so with all the remakes we have suffered recently of films from those good old ... Read More »

Obsession: Eternal Stories Of Life And Death | Book Reviews (Part 2)

Obsession: Stories of Eternal Life And Death - Book Cover

In the first part of the reviews of the book Obsession: Eternal Stories Of Life And Death we took a look to the short stories written by Stormy and Bishwa. Book Title : Obsession: Eternal Stories Of Life And Death Authors : Gurpartap Khairah, Bishwa Sigdel, Stormy Hazarika, Suraj Sinha Publisher : Tara India Research Press (2013/2014) Total Pages : ... Read More »