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U N Me It’s Complicated By Dr. Aditya Nighhot | Book Review

Do you love reading romantic books? Are love stories your cup of tea? Do you think love stories have hurdles? Do you think that if someone has positive energy and willpower to tackle break-up and focusing on goals, he/she can do wonders in the aspects he/she invests his/her energy in? If the answer is yes, then you should our views for U N Me It’s Complicated by Aditya Nighhot.

If the answer is no, then also, you should read the book and see how Aditya Nighhot became Dr. Aditya Nighhot after experiencing heartbreak.

The book is published by Fingerprint! Publishing and we are thankful to them for providing the review copy (in exchange for an honest review, of course). The review is unbiased and uninfluenced as always.

Book Title : U n Me . . . it’s Complicated
Author :
Publisher : Fingerprint! Publishing (21 October 2019)
# of Pages : 280 (Paperback)
# of Chapters : 56
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Let us take a look at the book cover.

Book Cover:

Red is the color of love, right? So having shades of red and pink on the cover page of a book which explores a love story is obvious.

U n Me it's Complicated By Dr. Aditya Nighhot | Book Cover

U n Me it’s Complicated By Dr. Aditya Nighhot | Book Cover

As you can see the cover page looks quite attractive as it is studded with cheerful colors. The moderate use of white and black complements it quite perfectly. The illustrations of the male and female protagonists look very descent. They are standing with their backs facing each other. That tells a lot about the story (which is obviously reflected in the book title too). We can say that the cover page is not only attractive, but it is also faithful to the book content as well.

Book Plot:

The story is written mostly in the first person. Aditya is a young boy. Fate makes him meet with Rutuja, a new girl in his class.

Their interaction started from exchanging notes and Aditya helping Rutuja (whom he refers to as “Ru”) in studies. Aditya found her extremely beautiful and develops a crush on her. Secretly Rutuja also develops the same feeling and eventually they confess the same to each other.

Time doesn’t stop at a point and life is not only about flowing smoothly. There comes a time when things got complicated between them.

Will they have a “happily-ever-after” love story? And, how their love story affect their respective career choices? Answers to these questions are explored in the book and to know them you need to read it. Over the course of the story, you will also meet Namrata, Varun, Nikhil, Rutuja, Shaira, Shaila and others. It explores incidents happened during the period of roughly two years through 56 chapters.

Views And Reviews:

This book is a modern love story. It is all about exploring college days in a little filmy way. If you like exploring such stories, then this book will interest you. And, as expected, cuss words are used and adulteries are mentioned in the book. So read it with that caution.

As said earlier this book is written in the first person. The author in the disclaimer mentions that a lot of things mentioned in the book have no resemblance to the actual stuff. But, it gives an impression of deriving a lot of elements from the real experiences and weaving them in a story. In those aspects, the book is a nice read.

The first half of the book is quite delightful to read. You will enjoy reading it, especially if you are a youngster. From the second half, things get heavy. The book explores the situations and emotions in quite a realistic way. The way people in love (be it one-sided or reciprocated) think, act and do the things, are explored thoughtfully.

In a way, the book explores an inspirational tale. In addition to exploring a love story, it also explores how the broken heart will make you fill with a shattered world. It is important to come out of the trauma and never do anything stupid. From the very first part of the book, it makes it clear that “suicide” should never be attempted in any case.

The author rightly says in the book:

Love is not complicated, people are!

You will find some lines in the book which look so simple at first glance and are referred very casually during the conversation, but, they convey a wisdom message you should not ignore.

You know what! You are too short-tempered. A rebel at times! It might just cost you someday.

Another important lesson I found in the book, not only for the teenagers but everyone, is:

… just because someone has said something, don’t let it affect your relationship or spoil it. It’s you who have to decide what is correct and what is wrong for you.

The book mentions a lot of Hindi Film Songs at various places. Some original poems are also found in the book, in both, Hindi and English language. It will definitely appeal to young readers. And yes, the people who love watching romantic movies will find various lines referring to various movie scenes. For example, the following line will remind you of a similar dialog from “Jab We Met” film.

Forget everything. Burn her as if she were a poster and nothing more.

And, those who are thinking that the modern generation lack commitment in relationships can find the following lines as a surprise.

One should always be committed when it comes to loving a person. Even thinking of another person when you are in a relationship with one is wrong. Please don’t betray anyone in your life.

It conveys that emotions are the same. The way they are expressed is changed over the period, no doubt. But, when someone is actually in love, he/she considers honesty, faith, and loyalty as the prime attributes of his/her relationship! So, chill, the current generation is wise too.

While the book has some emotional lines line:

I don’t believe in God anymore. If He had ever thought of me, He wouldn’t have let me suffer like this.

The book has some inspirational lines like:

Diwali is not just about fireworks, it’s about a new start as well.

If I have to summarize the message the book tries to convey through one of the lines from the same, I will choose the following:

If you have hurt someone, pick up the phone and apologise to that person. Trust me – it does feel better!

The characters in the book are gradually developed and remain strong throughout. You will relate to each of the characters in the book, as most of them will remind you of someone you might have seen or met with. The book doesn’t discriminate between genders and it is a positive aspect of the book.


A romantic read which gets heavy and sadistic in the second half. It has some material which is strictly for mature readers. If you can read it with an open mind, it ends with an inspirational note.

ThinkerViews Rating

Around 7 out of 10; for the target readers.

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