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Understanding Our Cosmos: The Philosophical Way by Bhaktee Kale | Book Reviews

Recently we got a chance to read many books which delve into spirituality. Here are quick links to some of such books.

Adding to the list, we got one more book Understanding Our Cosmos: The Philosophical Way by author Bhaktee Kale. The book is provided by the author to share our genuine reviews for the same. And, as always, the reviews are unbiased.

Book Title :
Understanding Our Cosmos: The Philosophical Way
Author :
Publisher : Independently published; Published: (May 3, 2018 / May 9, 2018)
# of Pages : 114 (Paperback)
607 KB 116 (Kindle Ebook)
# of Chapters : 35
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Let us take a look at the cover page of the book.

Understanding Our Cosmos - The Philosophical Way by Bhaktee Kale - Book Cover

Understanding Our Cosmos – The Philosophical Way by Bhaktee Kale – Book Cover

As you can see the cover page is simple and minimalistic. It is effective too. The swan represents the soul (those who read a lot of spiritual stuff may already have the idea, possibly the innocence and milky white color, representing the purity, is the reason for that) and it is accompanied by the book title and the author name.

The book doesn’t have a story or a plot as with traditional books, it is rather a collection of the article like chapters focusing on various aspects of life and the philosophical world and eventually links it with the elements of the cosmos and the spiritual world.

The author starts the book with one of the most asked questions: “What Is God?”. While explaining the things or rather we say her viewpoints, she mentions some interesting lines like:

God and the attributes of God are inseparable just like water and its wetness – God no longer remains God in their absence.

In this philosophical discussion, she puts in her argument about the possible supernatural power being, what is expected from him/her (from humans) and how it formulates the idea of the God.

The book then goes ahead and talks about the Duality of Human Nature. She focuses on how one’s nature plays an important part in one’s persona and attitude, towards him/herself, his/her loved ones, his/her family, colleagues, and the society overall. No one can deny that Greed and Fear are two important factors which affect the morality of a person. The author goes ahead and talks about various types of Morality too. Her assessment about how will one behave in some circumstances and “what is the impact of his/her growing up?” is explored nicely, of course, covered in a good wrapper.

She then talks about various kind of people and how they behave with the others. It includes how some people follow the rule to behave well with those who are good to them and bad with those who are bad to him. Then she talks about the people who are different than these fellows, and how some of them behaves well with those who are bad to them; some of them are quite opposite. These discussions are heavy and analytical. The author infused some analytical tables and other stuff to make understand the things in better ways.

The author’s discussion about the “Karma Theory” is possibly a challenge for her as a writer. Actually, a lot has been told about the topic, and yet there are concepts which are worth exploring.

Not all individuals are bestowed equally with natural bounties, talents, good fortune and equal resources by birth.

Very true. The author discusses the topic in quite a scientific way by explaining thoughts as energy. And, it is proven in many experiences that almost everything we see, feel or use has the energy which shifts form based on the external activities. How positive and negative Karma leads to a chain of actions/reactions (which in turn lead to other Karma – making a chain of karma); and what author thinks about it is represented in quite a thoughtful discussion. The author touches a quite interesting but less talked topic: “Group activities and karma”.

The author’s vies about the relativity of the good and the bad are worth reading. Then she talks about “The heart-mind conflict”. This is a segment that most of the readers will be able to connect quite easily. This segment talks about Intellect vs Instinct; Delusions & Pitfalls;
and Moulding the soul.

While on one end, the book has some tables and illustrations to add to the point the author is talking about, some discussions, though good intellectually and philosophically, remains unable to touch the reader’s nerve. Such books or writings make a much better impact when weaved in an interesting storyline or at least discussing some real-life examples or related stories. That is what spiritual leaders and speakers do. The discussion with a substance is meaningless if it is unable to engage the listener or reader to it. The author could have infused some incidents and stories with each point to make the book more interesting.

The book is a short read in terms of length, but the content of it requires attention. So you should read it when you can pay attention. Some of the chapters of the book can prove to be a good read when you are feeling low and need inspiration too. The electronic file I got has comparatively large fonts, making it an easy read, I wish the same could have been the case with the print edition. Some formatting issues are there like page 84 is centrally aligned. The better formatting could be helpful.

It is worth to note that the Author is an Independent researcher with a strong inclination
towards Philosophy. She has a background in the fields of ComputerScience and Financial Markets. She shares her thoughts on her blog https://www.balancethat.in


The book is written for a specific set of readers. Those who are interested in philosophical and spiritual discussion and exploration will find it interesting. If you can read such stuff with an open mind then you can go for it.

ThinkerViews Rating:

Overall I would like to give it 7 out of 10 stars for the target readers.
For the rest of the reader, it may be around 5-6 stars out of 10.

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