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Secret of Healthy Hair by La Fonceur | Book Review

We, human beings love to expose ourselves in the most presentable manner, right? Appearance matters a lot. Of course, the inner beauty is the main attribute of a person one should care for. But, it is not visible to everyone. One’s true self is exposed when you spend a remarkable time with the person. But, if you don’t like the person on his/her first look, you may not find him/her approachable. And, thus the chances of having a quality time spent with the person tend to nil!

The outer look of a person can be compared with the packaging of a product. Both of them must be presentable and welcoming.

Hair plays a very important role in our appearance. While some of them are unwanted and we want to get rid of them, the others are welcoming and people spend a remarkable amount of money to get them (back) or turn them to appear as they want.

The cosmetic industry’s multi-million dollar business, the share of products related to hair is remarkable. In fact, the wealthiest temple of the world, Tirupati Balaji Temple from India earns a handsome amount of money by selling the hairs people have sacrificed there.

Book Title : Secret of Healthy Hair
Your Complete Food & Lifestyle Guide for Healthy Hair with Season Wise Diet Plans and Hair Care Recipes
Author :
Publisher : Notion Press (24 August 2019)
# of Pages : 132 (Paperback)
10340 KB; 132 pages (Kindle EBook)
# of Chapters :
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Of course, we are not writing an article in the “Life Style” category here. But, the book we are going to talk about today –Secret of Healthy Hair by La Fonceur (real name: Pragati Gupta, but she loves to be referred by her pen name) – falls in the LifeStyle category for sure.

From our team, I got a chance to read this book. Let me start with a disclaimer that the review copy of the book is provided by the author. The review here is uninfluenced by all means.

Book Cover:

As with the humans, the first impression is very important for everything we come to notice (and may use later). Books are no exception here. The cover page of a book plays a vital role in attracting potential readers towards it or otherwise.

Secret of Healthy Hair by La Fonceur | Book Cover

Secret of Healthy Hair by La Fonceur | Book Cover

You can expect the appearance of healthy and long hairs on the cover page of this book. As you can see, you find moderately long hair, styled and colored in a brownish shade. It looks interesting. As most ladies of our time love experimenting with their ways, this cover page will be loved by them.

I like the cover page, and I am sure, most of the readers will find it attractive too.

The Book And What I Think Of It:

Secret of Healthy Hair comes with the tagline: “Your complete food & lifestyle guide for healthy hair with season-wise diet plans and hair care recipes“. The content of the book is distinguished in 4 segments mentioned below:

  • Everything About Hair
  • Hair Problems, Their Reasons, And Their Solutions
  • Diet Plan & Lifestyle Guide SEason Wise
  • Recipes

This list must have given you a fair amount of idea about what to expect in the book.

We found that many such books talk about various suppliments or products and insist readers to use them. In this book, the author remains quite honest. For example, in the preface itself, she says”

But I would suggest, medicines should be your last option for your hair problems, until and unless you have massive hair fall or other severe hair issues because these signs could be due to other internal health problems.

Talking about healthy food habits and overall lifestyle, she says:

Food therapy is the best theraphy

For the recipes mentioned in the book, the author has mentioned that they are part of her regular diet. Such statements create positive vibes in the reader, and they consider trying them.

While we cannot comment on the real-life effect of the things mentioned in the book, we look at them from the perspective of a book. And, one should also consider that in a book, only general advice can be given. For each individual, the things should be curated personally and uniquely, to get the best results.

The good thing is, the basic remedies and lifestyle changes or habits explained by the author are easy to implement, and there is no harm in testing them.

In the initial chapter, the author talks in detail about the structure of a hair including three main layers cuticle, cortex, and medulla. These details are little technical but worth reading more than once to understand them properly. Same way, the author’s advice about various Vitamins is worth reading. While she talks about deficiency of some vitamins can lead to so and so problems, she also emphasizes on the fact that too much of certain Vitamins can also contribute to hair loss. Such balanced information makes reader understand the things properly.

The author talks about best foods for hair and at the same time about 10 worst food for hair (and thus you should avoid). I found her discussion about day-to-day habits (like detangling wet hair) quite interesting. While the basic rules are applicable to everyone, females have long hair and most of the discussion should be seen in that context.

Ideally, if you suffer from hair problems seriously, better to consult the expert. This book can be considered as a guide to follow for healthy hair, but not as a medical prescription.

In the author’s own words:

The only way by which you can have shinier, smoother, and healthier hair is by treating them internally. Your hair needs nutrition to work properly and to grow. Some foods are masters in doing that.

The rich vocabulary of the author and use of simple day-to-day language in the book makes it worth reading.

Don’t buy this book if you are looking for a magic pill for your hair problems. It simply gives you general guidelines that you should follow, backed with references and scientific explanations.


A book giving general guidelines about a healthy lifestyle and various ways to keep your hair healthy. It is no substitute of medical prescription in any way. Read this book with an aim to pay attention to it and learn what is good for yourself by trying them (if you are convinced). Buy it when the book promotion offer is there, and you will find it more worthy.

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ThinkerViews Rating

Around 7 stars out of 10.

Over To You:

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