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Our Love story by Rohit Sharma | Book Review

Readers of romantic fiction would be familiar with author Rohit Sharma‘s name. His debut book “Te Amo… I Love You” was much loved by readers upon its publication in 2012. Since then, Rohit Sharma has also published a collection of short stories 12 hours with co-author Mahi Singa and a suspense thriller with a patriotic theme called Love of My Life. Now, in the year 2020 he has gifted readers with a lovely, soft, romantic story called “Our Love Story“.

Book Title : Our Love Story
Author :
Publisher : Fingerprint Publishing (1 January 2020)
# of Pages : 304 (Paperback)
# of Chapters : 18
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In our forever quest for new books to read we came across “Our Love Story” and for Team Thinkerviews I am here to share my thoughts on it. The book has been provided to us by Fingerprint Publication for our unbiased reviews. So, Thank you Fingerprint :).

Book Cover:

Let us take a look at the cover page of Our Love story.

Our Love story by Rohit Sharma | Book Cover

Our Love story by Rohit Sharma | Book Cover

A light, beautiful cover page featuring an attractive couple – both in a romantic close-up and in a long shot with a sunset on the sea background. The twine hearts leave no doubt about the love theme of the story.

Usually, readers expect the cover page of a love story dominated by red color. A couple (or an illustration of the same) and a sea in the background also serve the purpose. The cover page is not super attractive, but, it is soothing to the eyes. And, this attribute makes it simple and attractive.

Overall, a moderately attractive cover page.


We meet Veronica on the morning of 22nd February, 2015 in her small home in Lonavala. She is a 35 year old, slightly overweight woman with premature grey in her hair. While getting ready, she is tempted by the photo albums and just at that moment come in the duo of lovely sisters Akanksha and Anvesha who call her aunt VJ. When the sisters see the photo albums, they ask for Veronica’s love story.

And so we go back 11 years in time – to 2004- and meet Aditya Bakshi – son of India’s telecom tycoon Vikramjeet Bakshi and a lovable young man. On the night of his birthday, he unexpectedly meets a gorgeous woman who is on the brink of taking her life. Aditya talks to her and saves her. This is Veronica – a struggling girl in this city with a dream of becoming a supermodel. She eventually tells Aditya about her family in Goa and how she has spent seven years in Mumbai without getting a single chance in the glamour world.

Aditya supports Veronica in these dark times until she gets her confidence and will to live back. With Aditya’s help and contacts, Veronica soon lands a successful commercial as well as an acting job. Life is great as she is able to buy a house for her mother and has money to support the education of her younger brothers and sisters.

It is not possible that such two lovely people fall in love under the circumstances, is it?
But Aditya, who looks so happy on surface, has a lot of sorrow buried deep within. Not only he has yearned for parental love all his life, he is also on brink of losing it due to a deadly tumour in his brain. When Veronica finds out about it, she along with Aditya’s family beseeches him to go for a surgery.

Such surgeries are always full of risk. Even if Aditya survives, he may become paralyzed, lose his mind, slip into a coma…..

On one hand, Veronica has a promising career opening up with all her dreams realised, on the other the love of her life…

Views And Reviews:

This is the first book by Rohit Sharma I have come across and I enjoyed reading it not only for the story, but also for his cultured, beautiful language. The whole story is told simply, with no flimsy embellishments or forced scenarios that bring the two people together. There are no abusive words, violence, or hatred portrayed by the main characters except for some experiences in the background for both Aditya and Veronica.

Aditya’s character is filled with positivity. He is someone who smiles in all circumstances and do not think twice about helping people in need. Veronica, in addition to being gorgeous, is a lovely human being and her character shows not only love and compassion but also dedication as she sacrifices everything for love. Both Aditya and Veronica are normal, everyday people who come together by chance and then forge a relationship based on strong feelings that survives years and years of trials and testing. Their love doesn’t feel contrived at any point and you don’t think at any point in the book that this is not probable.

All supporting characters including Aditya and Veronica’s family members, their friends and the hospital staff are also very real-life. I liked that at no point the author makes his main characters forget their responsibility towards family and loved ones for their love for each other. This is not just a passionate love affair, but a loving relationship that bind two people together for life, through all adversities. The story highlights that: “Pyar karna asan hai, Nibhana mushkil…’ And the test of true love is in how the couple stands together after the ‘I love Yous…’

As this is a love story and Aditya loves music, it is fitting to have poetry in thoughts of the main couple . The book is filled with many a poetic stanzas, which will remind you of lyrics of romantic Hindi film songs. Here are a couple of samples to give you a taste:

Amid the selfishness of this mediocre world,
Where only lust, lies, and deceit prevails,
You have come like a sunshine of hope,
Like a new life, a beautiful beginning.

Why do I love your smile?
Why do I want to walk along with you at least a mile?
Why do I want to see you every night and day?
Why do I want to hold your hand and want you to stay?
Is this the feeling we call love?
If yes, then I am falling in love with you,
Oh yes, true love, only with you.

Not only that, but the author also gives us an ‘Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To’ moment when he tells us how exquisite Veronica looks in a moment of meditation:

Her beautiful face was like a droplet of dew on a rose petal, like a soulful Sufi song, like a divine prayer, like a glowing full moon, like fresh sunrays of the dawn, like a poetic dream, like an ineffable reality, like an unblemished mirror, like an artistic painting…

The book has a strong message that life is for living and one should always strive for facing his/her life with a smile on their faces. Here are some lines from the book that showcase this:

Life is such a beautiful gift, everyone should love it.

Suicide is not a solution to any problem.

It’s a human tendency to compare. We often crib about our own problems, and we think everyone in the world is leading a far better and happier life. But the truth is, everyone, no matter how rich or poor he is, is skirmishing with this battle called life. Whether we win it or lose it, depends upon if we surrender, or we stay strong and positive.

I saw a spark in you. A desire to be something in life. My own life is directionless. No aims. No goals. I live each day, not thinking about the future.

It is a love story, and it won’t be complete without some lovely gems about Love itself:

When you are in love, you live in the moment, without caring about the past, without fretting about the future, forgetting about the world, and you just think about the person you love the most.

Falling in true love with someone is possible. But somehow forgetting those feelings and falling in love again with the same person is something written in heaven by God himself.

The book is well-written and well-set. Occasionally, you’ll find some expressions that use the word “Even” instead of “Also” or a lonesome typo e.g., Page 175: “The temperature went soring” should be “soaring”, but none of it takes away from the enjoyment of the reader.

All in all, a good love story that talks not only about the young, passionate love, but also about what it is to see that love through difficulties, and reminds us that no sacrifice is too big when it is for loved one…

In fact, it is no sacrifice at all because love is greater than all material gain of the life…


A feel-good, romantic get-away when real life is getting too much for you.

P.S.: Also a good gift for those who found their love this valentine’s day… :).

ThinkerViews Rating:

Around 7.5 out of 10.

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