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One Free Ebook Every Month For Amazon India Prime Members | August 2019 Catalog

We love reading and most of you too, right? How many books you’ve read so far in the year 2019? We invite you to share your views and reviews for the books you liked or disliked from them.

Let us help you in getting more books in your catalogue :).

Amazon – the online shopping giant – runs a program named “Reader’s Delight” for Prime members in India. In this program, they offer one Kinde EBook absolutely free. They provide a catalog of free books every month and you can choose one from the same. Usually, there are 5 books to choose from. This month, however, there are 6 books to choose from like last month. And yes, if you are not a prime member, you can get these books for Rs. 49 each!

Earlier, Amazon India was providing the paperback version of the same books at a special price, but now, only Kindle EBooks are available under this program.

Amazon’s Reader’s Delight : August 2019

The program definitely remains true to its name: Reader’s Delight.

Here is a screenshot from Amazon India’s official page telling more about the program.

The program is interesting, but are the books offfered under the hood of the same also equally interesting? Well, let us take a look at what the program offers this month.

Which one of these books excites you more?

I recommend you to read all the details on Amazon’s offer page thoroughly (including terms and conditions) before going for the same.

I did claim my free benefits as Amazon prime member and hope you too.

Here is a quick link:


What do you think about this program? I recommend going for it if you an Amazon prime member for sure? Also, let us know your comments for this article and feel free to let us know if you would like to see more such articles in the coming days.

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