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Love on the Everest by Deepthi Ayyagari | Book Review

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Books can open a new world for you. It is said that actors are very lucky as they can live many lives during their single lifetime. However, if you have a habit of getting lost into the stories, books can make you lucky too :). While we are reading, our brain keeps visualizing the things subconsciously. And if the story we are reading is effective enough to connect with us, then the virtual world created within our brain does wonder by charging (or even discharging) us to a large extent. Probably that is why it is said that “Reading is to mind what exercise is to body“.

And, if you want to live a dream with an open eye, I think, falling in true love with someone which is reciprocated by the counterpart, give you a chance!

Why these thoughts?!

Well, recently we are approached by Deepthi Ayyagari about her book Love On The Everest. By the way, we’ve found that it is not the first book by the author and she has a kitty of books penned by her with a dedicated author page on Amazon. The book, as the name suggests, is a love story, and we share our reviews for only a handful of them. Mostly because we found that often there are abuses and graphical adulteries in the name of romance. Of course, we are no one to judge what one should read or write. However, we at ThinkerViews don’t explore that zoner. So, we were not very sure whether we will go for it or not. From our team, I got a chance to read this short Ebook and I am happy about getting this opportunity.

Book Title : Love on the Everest
Love Conquers Everything
Author :
Publisher : WordBuzz Publishing; Published: (13 October 2019)
# of Pages : 61 (Paperback)
280 KB 48 (Kindle EBook)
# of Chapters :
Purchase Link(s) :

Let me start with a disclaimer that we’ve got this book from the author, the review, however, is unbiased and uninfluenced by all means.

Whenever you look at a book (or for that matter, any media); what is the first thing come across your eyes? Of course, the cover page, right? I strongly believe in not judging a book by its cover. But, at the same time, I recognise the influence of the cover page on reading and purchase decisions.

Book Cover:

Let us take a look at the cover page of Love on the Everest: Love Conquers Everything.

Love on the Everest: Love Conquers Everything by Deepthi Ayyagari | Book Cover

Love on the Everest: Love Conquers Everything by Deepthi Ayyagari | Book Cover

As you can see the designer has done a decent job. A cover should reflect the title of the book or a key incident of the story in an attractive manner. I see these requirements are met in this case. The snow-clad peaks of the Himalaya mountain range in the background where Mount Everest is looking to you while reflecting sunshine; makes it eye-pleasing. A young couple sharing an intimate moment while trying to beat the cold by wearing woolen clothes look amazing and attractive. The blue-white makes it necessary for the title to be in dark color and it seems the designer also wanted to represent the red color as a symbol of love. Overall an attractive book cover.

Book Plot:

The story belongs to Sid and Dohna. Sid is the only child to a well-to-do family. They have a business running across many places and need not to worry for earning. At least, ever in their life times.

Being born to a rich family the kids are prone to be spoilt brats. Only if their upbringing is not what it should be.

Sid was a hyperactive kid who loves adventures. To divert his energy to a constructive path, his grandfather introduced him to mountaineering. Mesmerized by his newfound hobby, he actually fell in love with it. And, while growing up he started taking part in various expeditions. Eventually, he was able to conquer all the notable peaks around the world with the exception of the Himalaya range. He wanted to visit the peak of Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world.

But, being the only son to his parent he has some responsibilities too. And, the first thing is to get settle down! So, will he get married to a girl and settle down or will live his dream of climbing Mt. Everest? Or will he do both? And, by the way, where is the love story in all these?

Well, you need to read this short EBook to get your answers :).

Views And Reviews:

This book is a short novella and if you are a regular reader, I think you can read it in 1.5 to 2 hours. So, if you are traveling alone to somewhere and want a good travel companion and you like to read love stories, then you can go for this book.

Love on the Everest: Love Conquers Everything by Deepthi Ayyagari

Love on the Everest: Love Conquers Everything by Deepthi Ayyagari

As I have mentioned earlier, these days there is a trend of presenting adulteries in the name of romance. This book, however, is an exception to that. And, thus, it can be read by anyone.

Deepthi is good at exploring characters and building scenes. She is good at infusing fun moments by having some sarcasm too. It is very necessary to have light moments in this otherwise emotional tale. Considering the primary target readers of this genre as young adults, she added some interesting lines.

My parents had to change more schools for me than they have had to change diapers. Yeah, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point?

When a teen is getting into his/her youth, he/she is at the peak of his/her strength. And, the thoughts like the following are not uncommon.

… Seriously, my parents lack imagination. I am made for better and bigger things-like Everest.

One problem we see with most of the love stories is they became quite filmy or unrealistic at places. Of course, love can take you to a virtual world with you, but at the same time, we cannot forget the realities. The book has a realistic exploration of a typical family environment and childhood days. Here is an example:

This time though, mom did not twist my ear. She simply filled her eyes with tears, and that was enough. It was her most powerful weapon against me.

Most of us will agree to this, right?

And then there are some wise lessons too. As said earlier, one cannot blind his eyes from the facts. Almost all the problems we encounter in our lives are tests to our will power and fighting spirit. It is easy to surrender to the circumstances but the extra effort you put takes you ahead. Be it in studies, sports, relationships, career or anything, this remains true. The author tells it through the following lines in the book:

Because our body is only as able as our mind. IF the body is fit, but the mind is numb, we became zombies.

The following lines about mountaineering show the author’s knowledge about the same. And climbing a regular mountain for the sake of trekking is very very different than conquering Mt. Everest. These lines also serve as “pieces of advice to remember”:

It’s not about the climber’s ability alone when conquering a mountain. The mountain has to let you do it. Natural forces cannot be resisted by any means, no matter how well you plan or pack…
—- —- —- —- —- —-
…each mountain is different. Each path to the same peak is different, and each season makes the mountain different. Also, natural forces changes the structures in no time at all. So what you think you know changes to the unknown in no time.

The book has some philosophical lines too:

… Forget those mountains; they are just rocks and stones.

My poor mother does not know that the hardest of the rocks and stones lie within the hearts of people, not in the mountains.

You must have got an idea about the quality of writing you can expect from the book.

There are some attributes of the book which work in both ways for the same. For example, the name of the protagonist – Sid, appears after so many pages. His character is always there but his name appears late. Some readers may like it and some may not. Also, the revelation at the end has the same effect, but, I think it will go quite in favor of the book.

The book is a great course of reading about quite a realistic exploration of mountaineering. The avalanche and the fatality they can bring is very rare to be discussed in love stories otherwise. I think we should interview the author and ask her whether she has been part of any such expedition ever? It will be good to know, what do you say?

The author has shown good control over language and used the world “anyway” throughout (while using the wrong word – anyways – is most common these days).

Telling more than this will lead to spoilers, but I must say the book brings the mountaineering experience in an effective manner while exploring a love story. And yes, it is a “love” story and it remains true to its genre.


A small, no-nonsense love story, written emotionally and yet the facts are not sidelined. If you love books where mountaineering is explored, then it is for you. It is a nice read.

ThinkerViews Rating:

Around 7.5 to 8 out of 10

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