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It’s My Girlfriend’s Wedding by Sahil Rajput | Book Reviews

If you are a regular reader of ThinkerViews you must have realized that we talk about books regularly, but, we talk about love stories and romantic books less often. The reason is, we see that such books often contain adult material, and often goes in detail for intimate scenes. Of course, there is a group of readers who love reading such stories where they simply want entertainment and usually reading to kill time, and we have nothing against them. Everyone has his/her choice and we cannot interfere with it.

So, recently when team FingerPrint Publishing approached with a few books, including It’s My Girlfriend’s Wedding we were not very sure that whether we would love to read it or not. Eventually, I got a chance to read it from our team and here are my unbiased views and reviews for the same.

Book Title : It’s My Girlfriend’s Wedding
Author :
Publisher : Fingerprint Publishing; (1 May 2018)
# of Pages : 184 (Paperback)
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Let us take a look at the cover page of the book.

It's My Girlfriend's Wedding by Sahil Rajput | Book Cover

It’s My Girlfriend’s Wedding by Sahil Rajput | Book Cover

Possibly there are umpteen number of times we’ve heard that “never judge a book by its cover”, but we are used to getting attracted to a book by its cover. We love beauty and admire it, so it is quite natural. The cover page of this book justifies its title and genre both. It is really attractive, and those who love reading love stories will surely decide to go for the book, or at least take a sneak peek to it, by the impression of the cover. So, we can give the book distinction marks in terms of a book cover.

This Is Here In For You

Book Plot:

The story starts with Maya and Vivan having a good personal time. Maya is keen on marrying Vivan, and Vivan is preoccupied with the thoughts of a business deal. The things took a turn in a twisting way when Maya is informed about her real identity! And, it eventually comes to a point when Maya’s marriage with prince Ajit Singh and the critical business deal for Vivan happens to be the same day!

But wait, who is Maya? And who is Vivan? How they met and fall in love?

The story is explored in the Flashback, and in two different segments. The first segment is Maya’s version of the story and the events happened in her life; while the second one tells it from Vivan’s perspective. And during the course, we meet with
Seema, Manoj sir, Rajneesh, Neha, Deewan Chacha, the members of the Royal Family, Kunwar Ajit Singh and others.

The story is explored in 18 chapters and while we cannot mention the entire story here to avoid spoilers. Here is the short summary.

Maya is a young and aspiring girl who wants to make good (if not big) in the professional world. She has not much of the work experience as she’s completed her study recently. But, she is an enthusiastic person. She joined a company with a vision to do something remarkable. She got good support from her peers where she was able to make a couple of real friends. Her immediate boss Anand sir, is a genuine person who encouraged her.

Eventually, she bumped into Vivan in a quite filmy way without knowing much about him. While their first meeting was not so memorable, it never came as a hurdle between them and they gradually develop a feeling for each other. What happens to their love story from this point onward is better to be read than to be discussed 🙂 .

Views and Reviews

The book is quite straight forward and an easy read. If you love to read romantic books and/or watching rom-coms then you will enjoy it. The book is comparatively smaller in size, so you can take it with you as a travel companion also. Of course, only if you are fine with a little bit of adult content.

Sahil is an engineer who is an author by passion. His remarkable exposure to the outer world made him realize what a remarkable number of reader love to read. And, ultimately as we say, the customer is the king. So, a book which appeals mass shall be a good one, for the author and publisher. And, these days, even some of the popular authors don’t shy away from writing titillating content. It is like having an item song in a commercial movie.

The author talks about people living a lavish lifestyle quite authentically and at the same time he explores a little bit of middle class upbringing, especially the dreams of people grown up in such environment, quite nicely too. The language of the book is smooth and thus it proves to be an easy fun read.

At the same time, the author is able to explain a scene and emotions in small sentences. Here is an example:

I ignored her and continued staring blankly at my laptop screen.

You will like the character of Vivan’s father. He is rich yet humble. He had seen the tough life and yet tries to be a friend to his son, and understand him. And, actually even guides him when needed. The following sentence from the book is a good example of his character:

My son, deals can be postponed or arranged again for some other time but not love.

So, the author paid attention in developing characters and is even able to convince the readers that the way the characters behave is quite obvious, acceptable and expected from the same. There are some pieces in the book which are really good and well developed.

Reading this book will remind you of many Bollywood films including Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge.


A simple and light read for romance-book lovers who don’t mind some adult content in the book. Bollywood movie fans will enjoy it.

ThinkerViews Rating:

Around 6 out of 10 stars.

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Over to You

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