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Infin-Eight by Prajeet Budhale | Book Reviews

Recently we came across a few books which fall in how-to and inspirational zone. Some of them are:

In addition to such books, TED talks, and Commencement speeches has proven an effective way to get inspired and motivate by learning from real life experiences.

Adding to the book list, we came to know about a book named Infin-Eight which talks about Eight Principles for Infinite Professional Success penned by Prajeet Bhudhale. Prajeet is a speaker is well-known among a group of people. The book is provided to us by the publisher for unbiased reviews, and, here they are.

Book Title : Infin-Eight
(Eight Principles for Infinite Professional Success)
Author :
Publisher : Fingerprint Publishing; (1 May 2018)
# of Pages : 224 (Paperback)
Purchase Link(s) :

Let us take a look at the cover page of the book:

Infin-Eight (Eight Principles for Infinite Professional Success) by Prajeet Budhale | Book Cover

Infin-Eight (Eight Principles for Infinite Professional Success) by Prajeet Budhale | Book Cover

As you can see, the red background and the text in white and black, makes the cover page impressive. The book title is interesting and well thought. You can, of course, make a connection between “Infin-eight” and “Infinite” words. And the presence of (lemniscate – the symbol of infinity) on the cover page makes it reinforced.

Usually our book reviews have two distinguished segments, one talking about the book plot (a bird’s eye view only) and the other contain our views and reviews. For how-to, spiritual and motivational books, however the scenario is different. Usually, such book doesn’t contain a linear story, but rather it is a collection of many incidents and author’s take aways and life lessons from the same.

Prajeet is a well-experienced person, not only in terms of age, but the way he experienced various segments of different fields. And, it comes as an evidence in his writing also. As the name suggest the book talks about Eight primary/main principles one should follow in order to achieve the desired success.

Let me make it very clear that this book is not for the ones who are looking for reading something light, or fantasy fiction. This book require not only reader’s
attention” but also “involvement”. There are many exercises appear in the book at regular interval, and one need to follow them actively and (even more importantly) with honesty.

Though, the book contains pages for performing those exercises; I will recommend you to keep a separate handbook with you and follow the things in that. It will give you freedom to be more descriptive and honest.

The eight principles talked about in the book are the core of the same, so there is a chance that when mentioning them, we are, unintentionally revealing the substance of the book. But, at the same time, one need to understand that the principles are the primary and basic points, it is the understanding of the same, and more importantly, following them, will make them useful. It is totally useless otherwise.

Then also, I will not share the 8 principles Prajeet talked about in the book and would like to leave it for you to explore. I will however share some of the lines from the book which I found interesting.

There are situations and times in our lives where the answers we seek do not lay in the area we search. In fact, some of the answers are located tangibly away from where we look.

Your worth is what you are made of, and not what is making others wealthy through your efforts.

Just as paper has no utility if we do not want to write on it, or use it as a napkin, your characteristics have no use if you do not find the right application for it.

We do not get along with everyone we meet in life and this does not make us or them bad. It’s just that we are two different people.

An organization is like people. It changes over a span of time.

It is important to set goals but it is equally important to lead a happy and fulfilling journey towards achievements of the goals.

You can’t drive a car at two hundred miles per hour by shifting your focus completely from the road ahead and concentrating on the rear view mirror.

It is not important to carry experience forward; it is important to carry the lessons forward.

What you do is guiding what you have.

It’s not what is outside in the world that makes a difference it is what is inside you.

It is said that you should have insurance when you don’t need it, because when you need it no one will give you one.

Time is the greatest investment apart from efforts you are putting into achieve your goal.

Quite fascinating lines containing the wisdom within right?

The other thing I like in the book is how each chapter starts with a small (known) tale/incident and then how the author builds the chapter on it. In terms of literary aspects, the author comes up with interesting words like “wanterpreneures”. I like the discussion about “consistent persistence” and the way he advise about “stop complaining” and start acting to change the things. Also, it is possibly the first time you read that, you have right to ask questions to your interviewers also, as you are going to join the company so you have right to know about it. Of course, here we are not talking about the legal ways, but the practical things.

So, the book is very similar to a very long commencement speech or a TED talk. You need to have passions to read it properly and rather than entering into the quest to complete it fast, you need to digest it step by step and keep implementing the things before moving to the next chapter.


A book which contains some really good and practical guidance. It is not meant for a light read. If you can involve yourself while reading it, you should go for it.

ThinkerViews Rating:

For the readers whom such book attracts, it is around 7 to 7.5 stars out of 10

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