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Section 375 | A Legal Thriller | Movie Review

While hundreds of movies released every year, not all of them are worth watching. Apart from the money you need to spend for the ticket of the same (or subscription charges you pay directly or indirectly to watch it on you TV or any other media), the time you need to spend is also a considerable factor. As you can ... Read More »

The Cabinet Conspiracy | A Thriller By Jigs Ashar | Book Review

The Cabinet Conspiracy - Book Cover

Do you love reading political thrillers? We do. As India (that is Bharat) is buckling up for the nationwide elections, talking about political thrillers would be even more relevant these days, right? So, we thought to share with you our views and reviews for a thriller with the flavor of patriotism. We got a chance to read The Cabinet Conspiracy ... Read More »

Criminals in Uniform : A Hindi Thriller | Book Review

Criminals in Uniform : A Hindi Thriller | Book Cover

Truth is stranger than the fiction. We all have heard/read this phrase many a times and most of us believe in the same as well, right? Sometimes the creative people come up with an idea of writing a riveting thriller based on some real incidents – the incidents that could have caught many eyes and became talk of the town, ... Read More »