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Know Weather | Google Search Tips And Tricks

Google is no more just a search engine and we know it pretty well. It spreads its horizon to provide a lot of services other than the search and it is a successful business group in that sense. However search is still the basic and strongest point of Google’s existence, and its best service too. For example you can use ... Read More »

Find Out Movie Show Times | Google Search Tips And Tricks

All work but no fun, take us to nowhere. We need entertainment to rejoice our life, to recollect the drained energy and to get ready to move ahead in the life. What is a big entertainer than a movie? Well, different fellows may have different choices, but movie is definitely one of the best entertainer for sure. Do you know ... Read More »

How To Do Unit Conversion | Google Search Tips And Tricks

During our day to day life we encounter situations when we need to deal with several different units. For example lbs and kgs, kilometers and miles, kgs and liters. We usually measure our weight in Kgs, but when go for weight training, the weight plates are often marked with the lbs. Some countries use KM to measure speed and others ... Read More »

Track A Package | Google Search Tips And Tricks

Google makes the life lot easier by providing various services. Tracking a package which is intended to be delivered at your place (or may be you send it to somewhere and want to check the progress of the same) is quite easy! Here is a very small video provided by Google, explaining how to achieve your goal. Quite easy and ... Read More »

Krrish – 3 | Bollywood Movie | Promos, Songs And More…

Krrish – 3, the latest movie in the series is making to headlines since a while. We took note of launch of official trailer for the same . We are watching the promotion of the movies closely and see several evolving trends and factors in terms of marketing and promoting a movie – in Bollywood. FilmKraft is pushing all the ... Read More »