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Ram Leela | Upcoming Hindi Movie | Songs Reviews | Part 1

Ram Leela | Upcoming Hindi Movie | Songs Reviews | Part 1

Ram-Leela is an upcoming movie. It is in news due to various reasons including some controversies associated to the same. Even the tagline of the movie – Goliyon Ki Rasleela – is catching fire from some people. A Sanjay Leela Bhansali film is remembered for two things mainly the picturization/cinematography and the music/songs. The songs of the movie are all uploaded by Eros on YouTube, so in addition to music/lyrics, the visual representation is also available for all of us on public domain. Nagada Sang Dhol Nagada Sang Dhol – is a typical dandiya oriented song which reflects the flavor ... Read More »

Flipkart Have Closed Its MP3 Music Store Flyte | Tech News

On one end, a major International player (in E-Commerce) Amazon is entered India marketplace with a series of offers and long term plans; one of the major settled player in E-Commerce – have closed its Mp3 Download store – Flyte – on 17th June 2013! It is worth to note that the Flyte store was 1 year old. In fact, to celebrate its successful completion of 1 year, the Flyte store offered 100 MP3 albums free (everyday, a set of new 100 albums) from 22nd February 2013 to 28 February 2013. And it met headlines to various remarkable news ... Read More »

Free MP3 Albums Download | Till 28 February 2013 have definitely made its own place in the E-commerce market, especially in India (where it functions mainly). We have covered the news in past that they did start a digital download store named Flyte. Related reading for you: Flipkart Have Closed Its MP3 Music Store Flyte | Tech News Send Free SMS Local and International | Jaxtr SMS Application | News Google Play Turned 1 Year | Tech News Safari Magazine | February 2013 Issue | Views And Reviews Read More »

Google reminds that Magnifier (Google’s Music Venture) is still alive | News

Whatever people say, but the ultimate truth is you always have to remind people that you exist. It is true for all the product/service and that’s why the billion $ advertisement/market industry exists. What is advertising or marketing… simply reminding the audience that something is there and motivating them to purchase it and hence earn money. Related reading for you: Zave Networks has been acquired by Google | News Google aquires Motorola Mobility in a huge deal | News Everything You Want To Know About Google Smart Lens Project | Tech News Webmaster Arrested For Providing Illegal Music downloads in ... Read More »

Webmaster Arrested For Providing Illegal Music downloads in India | News

Crime never pays, this famous saying which was often sidelined by the people doing mistakes online. Actually, sitting within a closet or a room or office might be giving them the feeling of being safe, but the real world outside is the reality and the rules exist there. Now a days there are a lot of websites provide free download of MP3 files, movie movie torrents, games and pirated software too. Related reading for you: Watch Free Full Length Movies On Yahoo Too! | News SnapFish India Is Closing Its Services From 16 September 2013 | Tech News Google reminds ... Read More »

Music piece(s) and their (could be) inspiration source(s) | ITWofs | Website Views and Reviews

It is often told that, the world is round, so you will be able to connect one thing to the another if not always then most often. Same happens to the music. It is one of the great treasure humans have. (Scientists discovered that birds, animals and even trees love the music.) People like melodies, slow, fast, jazz, rock n roll, and … aha all kind of music. Sometimes when you hear a song, or the music piece it gives you the feeling of deja vu. Related reading for you: Symbols explained | Educational Videos | website views and ... Read More »