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A collection of various assorted article on this website is provided below, which includes some miscellaneous reading, our personal views and reviews about various commencement speeches, some interesting stuff and more.

Skype is on the way to acquire | News – a group messaging service which is not too old but famous enough on the Internet might be finding its new home soon. Skype is to aquire group me. Related reading for you: Whatsapp Acquired By Facebook | Will It Affect Google? Google is on the way to acquire Katango | News Priceline acquired Kayak | Tech News Steve Jobs Resigns as CEO of Apple | News Read More »

Accesibility survey for blind users by Google | News

It is no hidden truth that we are being more and more dependent on the Internet day by day especially in order to get the latest information or news. What about the people having physicial disability preventing them doing so? Especially the people with challenged vision capacity or blind people. We know that there is voice recognition available for them and blah blah blah… Related reading for you: Google Play Turned 1 Year | Tech News Google Aquired A Pattern Recognition Company | News Google Chrome Features | Chrome 3rd Birthday | News Google reminds that Magnifier (Google’s Music ... Read More »

How To Make Quality Videos To Publish At YouTube | Guide

Want to get discovered by millions of video lovers for your content posted on YouTube? Well, who not? Especially when you are video enthusiast and feel that you could prepare great videos and except it to reach to the wider audience giving you not only the fame and satisfaction but also get you recognized as the professional for the nice content presented in nicer wrapper by you. YouTube provides a great platform for the underrated professionals to let them post the videos (well, to be frank, anyone can upload, there is no need to be professional, but we are talking ... Read More »

Webmaster Arrested For Providing Illegal Music downloads in India | News

Crime never pays, this famous saying which was often sidelined by the people doing mistakes online. Actually, sitting within a closet or a room or office might be giving them the feeling of being safe, but the real world outside is the reality and the rules exist there. Now a days there are a lot of websites provide free download of MP3 files, movie movie torrents, games and pirated software too. Related reading for you: Watch Free Full Length Movies On Yahoo Too! | News Music piece(s) and their (could be) inspiration source(s) | ITWofs | Website Views and Reviews ... Read More »

Search Similar Images For An Image Via Google – News ThinkerViews

There were so many incidents came to your online life, when you thought to find out the similar photo(s) for the photo you have. Google Image search is updated with such facility recently. And those who was waiting for it eagerly (like me) will not give it a second thought to test it. Related reading for you: Search Real Estate And Housing | Google Search Tips And Tricks Use Google As Calculator | Google Search Tips And Tricks Get Live Cricket Scores | Google Search Tips And Tricks Google Calculator And Google Search Updated | Tech News Read More »

Lunar Eclipse, June 15- 2011 | Live | News by ThinkerViews

Lunar Eclipse, June 15- 2011 | Live | News by ThinkerViews

For the interest of our regular readers, here is something we must share. The video of the June 15, 2011 lunar eclipse from the hours of 11 AM to 3 PM PDT is available to watch for free here. Related reading for you: Events to watch live on 12 Jun 2011 – ThinkerViews Live Chat with Katrina Kaif Today (30 August 2011) The 2011 Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony Live on 29 September 2011 Get ready to see FaceBook in new makeover | News ThinkerViews Read More »