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A collection of various assorted article on this website is provided below, which includes some miscellaneous reading, our personal views and reviews about various commencement speeches, some interesting stuff and more.

An Analysis of Book Price On E-Commerce Websites In India

E-commerce gives us an opportunity to buy anything from almost anywhere. Here we are trying to analyse the prices on various websites for the same product. We feel that the behavior of majority buyer is influenced by the first option came to them and E-Commerce website do really good marketing via advertisement, affiliates, EMail newsletters and all. And sometimes you ... Read More »

Flipkart Is Offering More Commission To Affiliates For July 2013

Amazon.com’s India Marketplace amazon.in is launched with a lot of offers; some of them are expired (Eg. Kindle book give away) and some of them are running (free delivery for any purchase). Other players in the marketplace are on their toes to sustain their place. Flipkart, one of the largest and popular local player is trying to get more traffic ... Read More »

Jobs (A Film Inspired By Steve Jobs) Movie Trailer Is Launched

Steve Jobs was definitely a geek, a visionary, a human being who made a difference. He remains in news even after a long time he passed away, it shows the importance of whatever he did during his lifetime. There are books written on them, including an official biography. There is a movie named – Jobs – being prepared since a ... Read More »

Reid Hoffman’s Commencement Speech At Babson College | Words Of Inspiration

Reid Hoffman co-founded LinkedIn in 2003. Now it is supposed the largest network of professionals. Nowadays employers check candidate’s Linkedin profile to get his/her Bio-Data, Job Record, Recommendations, Skillset and other career oriented aspect. The LinkedIn profile of an individual arguably serve for him as the online resume. Reid, wrote a few books as well, and he believes in entrepreneurship. ... Read More »

Does Working From Home Employee Benificial More To The Company?

Internet is a revolution in itself and there are no two thoughts on the same. Now you can connect almost anywhere anytime. Related reading for you: Yahoo! Inc got a new CEO | News Yahoo! Is Updating It’s Logo(s) | Part 2 | Tech News History Of Internet On Yahoo! Screen | Watch Online Google Aquired PittPatt.com A Pattern Recognition ... Read More »