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The cricket match episode | Sarabhai V/S Sarabhai | Hindi TV Serial On DVD | Views and Reviews

When you talk about India and sports, you surely have to mention the game of cricket. It is truly said that Cricket Is treated as a kind of religion in India. Let us not discuss IPL and its effects here though. I know a number of people, who officially takes leave in the office to watch some important cricket matches in India. Well, it is all about one’s choice and love.

Movie : Sarabhai V/S Sarabhai
Writer : Aatish Kapadia
Director : Deven Bhojani
Genre : Sitcom
Starring : Satish Shah, Ratna Pathak, Sumeet Raghavan, Rupali Ganguly, Rajesh Kumar, Deven Bhojani, Arvind Vaidya, Rita Bhaduri and others

We mention the game of cricket here, because in this episode; the sequence of action is started with the scene when entire Sarabhai family watching together (yes, Indu, Maya, Sahil, Monisha and Rosesh as well) the cricket match. We see how a family typically watch a match together (well only one thing missing here and that was people eating snacks or drinking tea-coffee / cold drinks). Indu was seating on a sofa chair very near to the TV set. Sahil seated on a sofa and Monisha was sitting on the floor besides him. Maya was busy talking to Sarita and of course, without fail she mention that apart from all others, Monisha watching the match by seating on the floor! Rosesh was standing at the edge of the main sofa strangely on a single leg.

The reason behind this yogic pose of Rosesh is the superstitious belief of the other family members (apart from Maya) that when Rosesh puts his leg down on the earth, there falls a wicket of India team! Twice Rosesh did it that day and two wickets fell at the very same time! When Rosesh tried explaining that it is merely a superstition. Monisha however explained that such kind of things exist and she gave an example of one of her late elder. Maya tried void the things by considering the stuff as middle-class superstition and at the same time, Rosesh, accidentally puts his feet on the floor and a wicket fall. Everyone including Maya shouted on Rosesh to take it up!!! This is a common kind of incidents to be seen in India when people watch cricket. Some start pray, some do other stuff based on their belief, but the aim is the victory of the country!

For the matter of fact, India won the match and qualified for the finals. The is to be played in the famous Wankhede stadium of Mumbai. Indu urges to Maya to use her contacts in Mumbai Cricket Association to arrange the tickets of final, as he wanted to see it live, on the ground. The chain of action, reaction and acts begin from here and it is worth watching the same.

Major points you will enjoy watching this episode:

  • When the maid asked the family what should be made for the dinner, Maya gave the answer which is not only reflects the typical family mentality of cricket loving family but also her love for Monisha!
  • Indu’s ramarks when Dravid played well and everyone cheered him up (from home of course).
  • You must notice the way to celebrate by each one. Maya doesn’t dance like other, she retain to her (upper)class.
  • Indravadan’s way of talking to Jayant, when he plan grabbing his ticket.
  • Jayant’s way of talking when he found that Indu’s phone call is beneficial to him.
  • The game Indu played to grab Jayant’s ticket.
  • Indravadan’s actions when Monisha told him that he cannot get his work done from Maya.
  • Monisha’s explanation that she took the ticket from Jayant’s purse by asking him, and Indu’s explanation supporting her.
  • Indu, Monisha and Rosesh preparing the sign boards and slogans for the Indian team.
  • Sahil convinces Monisha to watch match on TV set.
  • Maya’s explanation about how she could be on better “Fast” then Monisha.

Ratna Pathk Shah and Satish Shah both are seasoned actors and worked a lot on stage together. Their chemistry shows the same. Their comedy timings are excellent. Sumeet Raghvan, Rupali Ganguly and Rajesh Kumar are playing their roles so easily that you know how talented actors they are. You will surely love watching it. Witty dialogs, excellent direction, quality background music and DVD quality, makes it a great experience.

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