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Episode 2 of Chanakya Hindi TV Serial On DVD | A Personal Review

In my personal opinion king makers are more respected then the king himself. And anyone who achieved a remarkable success mostly have someone to inspire him. It could be a cricket coach for a cricketer or a teacher for a student, it could be Vasishtha for Ram, it could be Albus Dumbledore for Harry Potter and Gandhiji for Nelson Mandela or Sui Ki. It could be Chanakya for Chandragupt (or Chandragupta).

We are now already familiar with the brief history of Magadh and how DhanNand – the last king of the Nand dynasty became the ruling authority. We also got to know that DhanNand was a king who considered himself as the possessor of all the properties of the kingdom, instead of being mere its administrator. There are people like Shaktar – the prime minister of the state, who see the interest of the motherland first and personal gain at last. These patriot people are the real gems of the kingdom or state or country, be it Magadh or any modern state/country.

The assassins of DhanNand are out to kill Shishupal anyway and they found the whereabouts of him. However Shishupal succeed to flea from his hidden shelter where the assassins reached. But, on the way to escape he was almost captured and killed till he reached to Shaktar’s home. He was safe though in Shaktar’s home as no one dare to touch him there. He then tells Shaktar some truths about DhanNand and his men and asked him to find him a way to escape from Magadh. Shaktar though insist him to not to leave Magadh as patriots like him are needed by Magadh more then before. Shishupal got ready to stay and asked Shaktar to visit a dead body awaiting cremation at the graveyard. At crematorium Shaktar found a corpse has been left uncremated and the reason was really disgusting. King have imposed Taxes on wood, gum and other stuffs, without knowledge of Shaktar. However as it was duty of Shaktar so the orders were declared by referring him. Shaktar was very disappointed to know that the king can be so cruel! He decided to fought back and let the rulers know the problems of the citizens, so the needful can be done.

On the way to home, Shaktar was given the orders by the king to appoint the personals to collect newly imposed taxes. Furious Shaktar refuse to obey the orders. At home he found that his family have packed their luggage and ready to leave. They correctly advised him that the ruler who is blind with his vision to see the truth is not trustable anyway. Shaktar though was hopeful that the situation can be normal again. He had the faith that the king will understand the truth. He have no anger for king or any of his assembly member personally. He think of them as family members only. Though they were doing the wrong thing and he has to bring them to the right path. That is all he wanted. Shaktar was not ready to leave his motherland in such problematic situation. Whether his family convinced to stay? or did they left anyway?

Will Shaktar be able to convince DhanNand and other assembly members about the problems of citizens? Will they understand and do the right things? Will the wealth of people, stolen from the treasury by king and his men will be back? What will be the fate of Shishupal who is openly supporting Shaktar? Well, watch the episode to know the sequence of events. We do not want to spoil your mood of watching by spilling the beans here.

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Final Verdict:

The interesting scenes with powerful dialog delivery is between Shaktar and DhanNand. Just watch it and you will love the script, scene, performance, everything… Also the introduction to Chanak and his son Vishnugupt is there in the episode. Vishnu’s views for the king and his responsibilities are interesting! So does Chanak’s spirit. This is the key episode which lead you to learn the relation between Chanakya and Shaktar, Magadh (and later Taxshila too). So just go for it.

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