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Convert Currency Using Google | Google Search Tips And Tricks

The world has became so narrow and people from various countries and contents came so close due to the technological advancements. The communication gap is almost covered technically. It resulted into easier trading between people from various places. Which require to deal in multiple currencies. Especially the business of outsourcing the work at offshore brought tremendous growth in such requirements. ... Read More »

Use Google As Calculator | Google Search Tips And Tricks

Now almost all of us know that Google is not only a search engine but a lot more than that. One of the most useful aspect it came with in early days is Google Calculator. Yes, the search engine can answer 2+2 and other basic arithmetic stuffs. But, there is lot more than that it offers. You can even find ... Read More »

Get Live Cricket Scores | Google Search Tips And Tricks

Sports are energy boosters, not only for the players but also for the dedicated viewers as well 🙂 We know how keen we are about various sports and we like to keep updated for the latest progress of the same, when any of our favorite team or player is participating in a game going on right?! In country like India ... Read More »

Use Google As Dictionary | Google Search Tips And Tricks

In our life we came to find new words or phrases every day, from books, magazines, newspaper, TV Shows, Movies,… And we are curious to know its meaning. In traditional way, we look for an updated (because English language is known for adapting words on regular interval, based on the popularity of specific word) dictionary, for the meaning of the ... Read More »

Search For Local Businesses | Google Search Tips And Tricks

E-commerce (and now M-Commerce) changed our world as the matter of fact. The online stores are a good solution for buyer and sellers both, if run ideally. Buyer get a chance to view all the options without any hesitation and regardless of his physical location. Seller on the other hand doesn’t need to spend on the shop and its infrastructure ... Read More »

Know Weather | Google Search Tips And Tricks

Google is no more just a search engine and we know it pretty well. It spreads its horizon to provide a lot of services other than the search and it is a successful business group in that sense. However search is still the basic and strongest point of Google’s existence, and its best service too. For example you can use ... Read More »