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An Interesting Author Interview With Ajinkya Bhasme

Ajinkya Bhasme - Author of - When The Devil Whispers

Hi Friends, Allow me to Introduce Ajinkya Bhasme, the author of When The Devi Whispers. To know more about the book you can read our detailed review for the same at: When The Devil Whispers by Ajinkya Bhasme | Book Review Ajinkya is an alumnus of IIT Mumbai and a multi-talented artist who currently works in Human Resources. His passion ... Read More »

Anuj Tikku | Talking About His Book Antarctica Diaries

Anuj Tikku- On His Way To Antarctica

Anuj Tikku is a popular travel blogger from India. Recently, he has started consolidating his blog posts and experiences about various travels and compiling them in the form of a book. In a matter of short period, he came up with around 8 books! Of course, years of traveling and blogging is behind it. We have built a comparatively good ... Read More »

An Interesting Author Interview With Gunjan Porwal

Gunjan Porwal - Author of - Ashwatthama's Redemption

Gunjan Porwal is an engineer by education and profession. He studied from IIT, Kanpur and currently lives in Pune. His demanding job and time he needs to spend with his family, however, couldn’t stop him from pursuing his passion, writing. A person’s persona has a great influence of the environment in which he/she grew up. Gunjan is fascinated with the ... Read More »

An Interesting Interview with Aditya K V | Author Of Daitya Diaries

Venkat Aditya Kopeneni aka Adiya K. V. - the author of - Daitya Diaries

Allow me to Introduce Aditya, the author of Daitya Diaries. Daitya Diaries delves into a fictional world inspired by Indian mythology. The book is basically a thriller with SciFi attributes weaved nicely into various timezones. The book is really good in many aspects. You can read our detailed review for the same at: Daitya Diaries (Blood And Vengeance) by Aditya ... Read More »