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How To Make Quality Videos To Publish At YouTube | Guide

Want to get discovered by millions of video lovers for your content posted on YouTube? Well, who not? Especially when you are video enthusiast and feel that you could prepare great videos and except it to reach to the wider audience giving you not only the fame and satisfaction but also get you recognized as the professional for the nice ... Read More »

Don’t Tell The Governor by Ravi Subramanian | Book Review

Don't Tell The Governor by Ravi Subramanian | Book Cover

The latest banking thriller by Ravi Subramanian – Don’t Tell The Governor – was on our “to be read and reviewed list since its announcement. Somehow it took more than expected time. Ultimately, from Team ThinkerViews, I got a chance to read it, and I am feeling delighted for this opportunity. Ravi himself is a professional banker. So, he has ... Read More »

An Interview With Mr. Vasant Dave | Author Of Trade Winds To Meluhha

Mr. Vasant Dave | Author Of Trade Winds Of Meluhha - Addressing a Conference

Hi Friends, Allow me to Introduce Shri Vasant Dave (aka Vasantrai Dave), the author of Trade Winds to Meluhha. To know more about the book you can read our detailed review for the same at: Trade Winds to Meluhha by Vasant Dave | Book Review Mr. Vasant Dave has a passion for exploring Indus Valley civilization (and civilizations before that ... Read More »