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Mozilla MarketPlace is Open by Invitation Now | News

In an important technology news it is came to know that Mozilla Marketplaces is now opened for developers. It is still providing limited access. So developers can join it by invitation only. It is scheduled to open for all probably around the end of this year.

Seems that mobile based OS are getting more and more popularity based on the portability they offer. Google’s Android platform is being popular slowly but steadily. The browser based OS mainly relies on Apps. Apps as we know are the lighter versions of its counterpart application, giving maximum features, functionalities and user friendlyness in lightweight format. The tablet PCs and smartphones relies on the same.

Those who are interested in exploring Mozilla marketplace, can visit https://marketplace.mozilla.org/. As of now there are limited (around 200) applications found at the source but as soon as developer will start uploading their apps, the repository will grow remarkably.

Let us know your thoughts about the future of app based platforms!

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