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Star Wars – The Force Awakens

While India is too busy watching the clash of “Bajirao Mastaani‘ and “Dilwale“, rest of the world is enamored by the Force that is waking up in one of the most wanted films of all time…The latest segment of Star Wars series is here and has opened to rev reviews world wide today.

The trendsetter space epic that has bewitched multiple generations since the release of the Episode IV that started the mesmerizing trilogy was followed by ‘not-so-brilliant’ trilogy two decades later is now going to continue with new characters……

Here’s the official trailer:

While “The Force Awakens” is so eagerly anticipated by most, there is also a bit of apprehension among fans as to whether it will live upto the expectations of the fans who are almost devotees. Good news is, the initial reviews are very promising…but time will tell…..

Watch the space for our review of the film…..

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