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Here are our personal and unbiased reviews for various Hindi TV serials available on DVD. Having a TV serial available on a set of DVDs not only gives you freedom to watch it as many times as you like, but it also provides an opportunity for the ones who missed it when originally aired. It often proves the source of inspiration, or makes you relaxed when not in good mood, or revisit the history or even let you begin your spiritual journey.

Reviews For Episode 12 Of Upanishad Ganga | Hindi TV Serial On DVD

Upanishad Ganga - Hindi TV Serial On DVD

In recent articles about Hindi TV Serial Upanishad Ganga we have talked about the three important goals of human life Dharm (aka Dharma), Arth and Kam (aka Kama). The last an final goal of a human life according to Hindu mythology is Moksha (the ultimate freedom). Episode #12 discusses the same with the tale of KotiKarna. TV Serial : Upanishad ... Read More »

Ganga’s Secret and DevVrat’s Coming Back | Mahabharat Hindi TV Serial On DVD | Personal Reviews

Mahabharat - Hindi TV Serial - DVD Cover

Life is very strange and things may not be the same what they are looking. In the second episode of Hindi TV Serial Mahabharata we had seen that Ganga and Shantanu got married. The early segment of their married life of very happy and the life went ahead like fantasy. However things were not the same over the period of ... Read More »

Episode 5 of Nukkad Hindi TV Serial | Views And Reviews

Nukkad Hindi TV Serial On DVD Poster

Episode 5 of Hindi TV Serial Nukkad is focused on the importance of togetherness. As a social animal a human cannot live his/her life at full, without having people to share the joy and sorrows with. There are rules of business and trading, but there are some relations or practises which are above all those rules. TV Serial : Nukkad ... Read More »

Shantanu and Ganga’s Married Life | Mahabharat Hindi TV Serial On DVD | Personal Reviews

Mahabharat - Hindi TV Serial - DVD Cover

Let us move ahead in our quest to review Hindi TV Serial Mahabharat, which is available as a set of DVD for Home Entertainment. The main aim behind talking about this TV Serial is not just entertainment though. It is a set of many incidents weaved fantastically which teaches a lot of things. Basically, each incident brings us a new ... Read More »