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Mohini: The Enchantress By Anuja Chandramouli | Book Review

Mohini: The Enchantress By Anuja Chandramouli | Book Cover

We are always curious to explore works of various Indian authors and Anuja Chandramouli is one of them. She made an impressive debut with – Arjuna: The Warrior Prince and then she didn’t look back. We have already reviewed some of her books, here are quick links for the same. Kartikeya: The Destroyer’s Son Rani Padmavati – The Burning Queen ... Read More »

One Day, Life Will Change By Saranya Umakanthan | Book Review

One Day, Life Will Change: A story of love and inspiration to win life when it hits you hard... By Saranya Umakanthan | Book Cover

On one side we see the rise of adult and abusive content in all media segments like books, magazines, movies, web series, etc; and at the same time, we can still find some interesting stories explored in all these media which are nicely written. They reaffirm our belief that “if you have genuine content, it is enough for the reader, ... Read More »

A Wall Street View of Rural India By Sujit Sahgal | Book Review

A Wall Street View of Rural India | A Banker's Diary Of A Decade Of Road Trips By Sujit Sahgal | Cover Page

When people talk about India (that is Bharat), they often don’t realize that “Unity In Diversity” just as an idiom, but is the soul of the country. Being the largest democracy in the world, India is like a tapestry of different cultures, type of people, their lifestyles and beliefs. Most of the Indian states are bigger than some of the ... Read More »

Ladakh Adventure by Deepak Dalal | Book Review

Ladakh Adventure by Deepak Dalal | Book Cover

Growing up without adventure stories will make our childhood incomplete. The joy of exploring new places in the school holidays is one of the most anticipated activities for children of all ages. And especially teenagers as they have opportunities to go to school trips and campings with their friends and discover the joys of learning from the school of nature ... Read More »

Ink On Paper By Vishikha | Book Review

Ink On Paper (Stories to set the aura and poems to tell the story) By Vishikha | Book Cover

Age and talent are two completely different things. Of course, in most cases with age comes experience that leads to wisdom, but, that is not the case always. Remember the tales of Ashtavakra, Nachiketa, Prahlad… They were wise beyond their ages. So, when we share views and reviews for a book, we don’t consider the author’s age as a factor ... Read More »

An Atlas of Impossible Longing by Anuradha Roy | Book Review

An Atlas of Impossible Longing by Anuradha Roy | Book Cover

Anuradha Roy has been making waves in the world of Indian authors writing in English since her debut in 2008 and has many awards and prize nominations to her credit. It was by chance though, that we came across her work while browsing in a library looking for something entirely different. Book Title : An Atlas Of Impossible Longing Author ... Read More »