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Unlawful Justice by Vish Dhamija | Book Review

Unlawful Justice by Vish Dhamija | Book Review

Ideally, justice and law are complementary things. Laws are made so justice can be served. In that aspect, we can say that – justice is the goal and laws the resources to enforce the goal is reached. Things are not always ideal. We have seen in many cases that the laws are bent or interpreted in a way that they ... Read More »

With Ash on Their Faces By Cathy Otten | Book Review

With Ash on Their Faces: Yezidi Women and the Islamic State By Cathy Otten | Book Cover

When we see unrest in various parts of the world we may often ask a question to ourselves: “Are we really progressing?” More often than not, we had seen the human brutalities surpassing the same of all the species and even natural calamities. Be it in the name of faith or community, be it in the name of expanding borders ... Read More »

Brinda By Deepthi Ayyagari | Book Review

Brinda: The Extraordinary Story of An Indian Girl (Femme Fatale) By Deepthi Ayyagari | Book Cover

I consider myself lucky to be a part of Team ThinkerViews. Being a professional reviewer associated with a team of genuine and unbiased reviewers has its own perks. One of them is getting a chance to know about the comparatively lesser known talents and getting a chance to explore their amazing works. It was around Diwali 2019, when I got ... Read More »

U N Me It’s Complicated By Dr. Aditya Nighhot | Book Review

U n Me it's Complicated By Dr. Aditya Nighhot | Book Cover

Do you love reading romantic books? Are love stories your cup of tea? Do you think love stories have hurdles? Do you think that if someone has positive energy and willpower to tackle break-up and focusing on goals, he/she can do wonders in the aspects he/she invests his/her energy in? If the answer is yes, then you should our views ... Read More »

To Cappuccino with Love By Roopa Prabhakar | Book Review

To Cappuccino with Love: A lot does happen over coffee... By Roopa Prabhakar | Book Cover

There are so many things I love about being a professional book reviewer. Of course, the biggest one is the joy of reading. I also love being exposed to new talents and some of them are really worth looking forward to. By reading the debut book (or second book in some cases), I often feel that the author is going ... Read More »

Udayan: The forgotten Pandava by Rajendra Kher | Book Review

Udayan: The forgotten Pandava by Rajendra Kher | Book Cover

When I was studying in high school, Sanskrit was one of the school subjects. It exposed me to various ancient Indian literature. We used to have chapters from a number of masterpieces by various authors like Magh (or Magaha), Kalidas (or Kalidasa), Bhas (or Bhasa)… Swapnavasavadattam was one such masterpiece we got a chance to read a chapter from it ... Read More »