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The Templar’s Quest by C. M. Palov | Book Reviews

“The Templar’s Quest” Sounds familiar, isn’t it? Yes, published in 2011, “The Templar’s Quest” is one of those books written in wake of phenomenal success of “Da Vinci Code” which made every reading soul in English world aware of the mysterious Holy Grail.

Book Title : The Templar’s Quest
Author :
Publisher : Random House (Paperback)
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Throw in the magically powerful Holy Grail with an ex-commando, medieval historians, fanatic Nazi descendents and lure of time travel and you get all the right ingredients for a thriller. That’s what C M Pavlov has managed to do in this story.

We meet Finnegan McGuire, as he is sent to Syria with his group on a ‘black-ops’ mission to retrieve some chemical weapons in theory but in reality a huge gold medallion, which his bosses are getting highly paid to give to a secret group in Paris. In the mission, Finn loses his trigger finger and therefore ends up with a desk job. Things get worse as he receives news that both his commando mates on the Syrian mission have been brutally killed and Finn is suspected to be the killer. He escapes the arrest, and practically kidnaps Kate Bauer, to go to French embassy to know more about the killers. He meets Jutier, who offers him a deal with a million dollar and evidence to prove his innocence in return for the gold medallion that he has been holding on to since the mission.

However, for Finn the comradeship with his lost friends and vengeance for their deaths is more important than a million dollars. He manages to get the name of their killer but Jutier commits suicide before revealing anything else. By now, Kate is furious with Finn and wants nothing more than to return to her home, which is blown up the moment they reach there. With nowhere to go, Kate ends up with Finn and together they manage to reach Paris. Kate’s academic friend Caedmon who runs a bookshop and has ties with British Intelligence Agency is their first place of contact in Paris.

Here, they discover about the group of Nazis called Ahennerbe, the think tank formed during the Second World War. The scientists in this group managed to study the Egyptian manuscripts and found out that there was a way to generate an immense force called Vril. What they needed was to channel the astral energy of the star Sirius during its rising with the Sun, merge it with telluric currents present in the earth and the potent Holy Grail to complete the circuit. But, the last news about the Holy Grail anyone heard was that it was in protection of the Cathars, who promised to give it to Knights Templar in exchange of their help to resist the war with the Pope’s armies. However, the Knights Templar arrived too late and the Cathars were wiped out without a trace.

The only thing that can lead to Holy Grail now is the Montsegur Medalion that Finn possesses, since it consists of the map to the Holy Grail. While Finn and Kate are too busy in Paris to avoid the assassins let loose to kill them, Caedmon decides to go to Montsegur in search of the Grail. Will he find it? What is it?

The Seven is the foundation comprising of the descendents of the scientists that formed Ahennerbe, headed by Dr Ivo Uhlemann. They have managed to devise an experiment, where with the help of the Vril force, they want to generate a Closed-Time-Curve. While it won’t be good enough to send humans to past, it will make it possible for them to provide their fathers all the information they need in order to win the war. It has been a very prevalent idea, that instead of Russia, if Hitler would have invaded middle-East to get access to petroleum, the end of World War II might have been different. This is what Dr Uhelmann wants to do.

Can Finn and Kate stop him?

You’ve got to read it to find the answers………………..


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