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The Well of Lost Plots By Jasper Fforde | Mini Article About A Book

We have decided to write two mini supplement articles for the Thursday – book series by author Jasper Fforde. In the series of two mini articles talking about books Lost In A Good Book and The Well of Lost Plots respectively, today we are going to give you brief information about The Well of Lost Plots, the third in the Thursday book series by Jasper Fforde.

The Well Of Lost Plots: Thursday Next Book 3: Cover Page

The Well Of Lost Plots: Thursday Next Book 3: Cover Page

It is worth to note that both these book are written in continuity of The Eyre Affair.

Book Title : The Well of Lost Plots
Author : with
Publishers : Hodder And Stoughton Published: (19 January 2004)
Viking Adult Published: (23 February 2004)
Penguin Books Published: (3 August 2004)
# of Pages : 384 (Paperback)
400 (Hardcover)
1229 KB (Kindle Edition) [400 pages]

This third book explore adventures of LiteraTech detective Thursday. The book picks up from where we left her in the world of books. She is now a “Jurisfiction” agent and we travel around with her as she learns her work and gets through some more hair raising incidents.

Views and Reviews:

However, we found that it loses the charm the previous two books had as it becomes more about Jurisfiction and a new technological development in this world called “Ultraword” than Thursday’s life…The concept can be summarized in this quote from the book:

“Books are a kind of magic”…. and this book lets you explore this fantastical world with Thursday….

Something Rotten:
As we noted, the last book was a bit dull, so this one brings Thursday back to reality and in the crazy world on 1988 Swindon in UK where she continues to take on Goliath corporation, that is now officially becoming a religion. She is in trouble at work for her disappearance for almost 2 years, and she still needs to figure out how to get her husband back. There is still also a little question of babysitting now, but hey, no worries, if you have a gorilla friend…:-)


Not as good as previous 2 installments of the book. It is also priced high. But you can go for when you have time to kill, and you will enjoy it.


We have found that the book is priced quite high. We read it by borrowing it from a library. We suggest you to do the same, if you can, before you buy it. And when go for purchase, watch out for a good deal, you can wait till then.

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