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Yahoo! Mail Is Updating It’s Logo(s) | Part 3 | Tech News

Yahoo! – one of the most used portal once, is rising again. And too the customers they seems found a way. Provide a simple, slick and interactive yet attractive user interface. They keep experimenting with different logos for its most famous service, Yahoo! Mail. Here are what we found on Yahoo! Mail’s home page. And this is what it is found inside the inbox. Seems they will continue experiment the stuff as we have predicted in the previous article of the series. And as now you all aware with the same; unless we found something major attractive in this regards, ... Read More »

Yahoo! Is Updating It’s Logo(s) | Part 2 | Tech News

Yahoo! Mail, one of the best Email services, continue to have enhancement. The company continues its process of updating (and testing) new Logos. Yesterday we took note of their updated logos, today they are updated again. This is the screenshot of Yahoo! Mail home page. This is the small logo you can see inside the mailbox. Which logo you like better? Do you think they are going to experiment like different logos coming randomly (or updating daily)? Do let us know your thoughts via comments below… Related reading for you: Yahoo! Is Updating It’s Logo(s) | Tech News Yahoo! Mail ... Read More »

Yahoo! Is Updating It’s Logo(s) | Tech News

It came to our attention that Yahoo is on the way to change its logo. Today we have noticed a new logo for “Yahoo! Mail”. This one is on the home page of Yahoo Mail And this one inside the mail box. So it will be right to assume that over the course of the period Yahoo is planning to come up with the new looks, and the company Logo will be part of the same. It is worth the note that before a few years Yahoo! changed its red color logo to the current one. It is worth to ... Read More »

Yahoo! Started Sending Invites To Claim Your Desired Email Address | Tech News

You might already have heard that Yahoo! running a clean-up drive for unused Email accounts and making them available to the user who are keen to have it. How the situation arrived? Yahoo! is definitely one of the most loved Email service since a long. So you see there are number of people when introduced to this service, have registered an Email address there. And it seems a lot of them are not using that account anymore. As we know that the Email address must be unique, no one else can grab that Email account and have to use some ... Read More »

Yahoo Mail Offer More Ways To Sign In | Tech Updates

Once upon a time, there was a company which was kind of dominating the web spectrum – yes we are talking about Yahoo! The most used search engine of the web, is the past for Yahoo. But, still there are a few aspects where it leads. Mail is one of the old services Yahoo is providing and it is functioning till date. One of the major reasons it works, is its user friendliness and continuous updations to the service by the company. Based on our personal experience we consider it as the best Email service, better than its competetors. In ... Read More »

Does Working From Home Employee Benificial More To The Company?

Internet is a revolution in itself and there are no two thoughts on the same. Now you can connect almost anywhere anytime. Related reading for you: Yahoo! Inc got a new CEO | News Yahoo! Is Updating It’s Logo(s) | Part 2 | Tech News History Of Internet On Yahoo! Screen | Watch Online Google Aquired A Pattern Recognition Company | News Read More »