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Fraud/Phishing Calls For Collecting Credit Card Information In India From 9212045287

We will be updating this post with full details later, but be warned that if you get any call from (+91) 9212045287 (or any other number – they even might be using this number which belong to someone else, who is an innocent person) asking your credit card details, do not provide any information. They are phishing/Fraud/Fake calls. How they try to collect information from you? (Step 1) In a possible scenario they will call you by asking that they belongs to so and so company, confirms you your name and address. As they have your name and address available ... Read More »

LivingSocial was Hacked | Are You Affected?

In a recent news, LivingSocial, a site providing daily deals was hacked recently. It is considered that several critical user information was accessed by the hackers during the hack! In case you are a registered LivingSocial member, do sanity check for your details (and update them – to avoid any possible damage). Read more at: http://allthingsd.com/20130426/livingsocial-hacked-more-than-50-million-customer-names-emails-birthdates-and-encrypted-passwords-accessed/ http://money.cnn.com/2013/04/26/technology/security/livingsocial-hack/ Related reading for you: Yahoo Server Hacked? How To Know If You Are Affected? How To Do Unit Conversion | Google Search Tips And Tricks Flipkart Is Gearing Up To Retain Its Place | Tech Updates Twitter goes secure | News Read More »

Yahoo Server Hacked? How To Know If You Are Affected?

There has been a number of articles shouting about the recent hack which affected Yahoo. It is said that more than 4,50,000 users are affected. Related reading for you: LivingSocial was Hacked | Are You Affected? Yahoo! Is Updating It’s Logo(s) | Tech News Yahoo! Is Updating It’s Logo(s) | Part 2 | Tech News Yahoo! Mail Is Updating It’s Logo(s) | Part 3 | Tech News Read More »

Twitter goes secure | News

Since the incidents happened in March, twitter is taking all the security measurement it can. Twitter have enabled secure access to the entire portal (means you can access it as https://twitter.com against currently you are accessing it as http://twitter.com). Related reading for you: redditgifts.com is acquired by reddit.com | News Technologoes that powers Twitter Do You Have Problems Showing Twitter Widgets? Here Is The Solution One of the biggest Cyber Attack is revealed | News Read More »