Monday , 22 May 2017
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LivingSocial was Hacked | Are You Affected?

In a recent news, LivingSocial, a site providing daily deals was hacked recently. It is considered that several critical user information was accessed by the hackers during the hack! In case you are a registered LivingSocial member, do sanity check for your details (and update them – to avoid any possible damage). Read more at: Related reading for you: Yahoo Server Hacked? How To Know If You Are Affected? Twitter goes secure | News Video Views From Mobile And Tablet Rise | No Surprise | Tech News Amazon to launch A SmartPhone?! | Tech News Read More »

Yahoo Server Hacked? How To Know If You Are Affected?

There has been a number of articles shouting about the recent hack which affected Yahoo. It is said that more than 4,50,000 users are affected. Related reading for you: Yahoo! Inc got a new CEO | News Watch Free Full Length Movies On Yahoo Too! | News BSNL and Pantel India launched 3 tablets | Aakash Tablet Competitors | News How will your website appear on a mobile device? | Opera Mobile Emulator Read More »

Twitter goes secure | News

Since the incidents happened in March, twitter is taking all the security measurement it can. Twitter have enabled secure access to the entire portal (means you can access it as against currently you are accessing it as Related reading for you: is acquired by | News One of the biggest Cyber Attack is revealed | News Skype is on the way to acquire | News Accesibility survey for blind users by Google | News Read More »

One of the biggest Cyber Attack is revealed | News

We would like to share some of the technology related news which impact mainly UN and India according to the news sources, but the entire IT world would be affected by the same somehow. One of the famous Antivirus and Security company McAfee during its processes to track, determine and cop against security threats, found the biggest ever cyber attack till date being run. Related reading for you: Get ready to see FaceBook in new makeover | News ThinkerViews Nagar | A village in India named after a website | News Webmaster Arrested For Providing Illegal Music downloads in ... Read More »