Saturday , 17 March 2018
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Mahabharat | Animated Movie | First Trailer Launched

Mahabharat | Animated Movie | First Trailer Launched

Mahabharat is definitely greatest epic the mankind have ever had. There is almost all circumstances, situations, people, incidents and other attributes found in the epic which exist in the real world. Be it a television adaptation of the epic or a movie based on the epic, it is always interesting to see it. As the epic is so known by a lot of people, it is always challenge to bring it on celluloid. But, it also gives an opportunity to the maker to show what he think about this great epic on the screen! So it is basically a mixed ... Read More »

Maya Sarabhai – the Muse of painter Sudhanshu | Hindi TV Serial On DVD | Reviews

A day begun in the house of the Sarabhais a little hotter than usual. Indravadan was doing his best to avoid drinking milk and Maya was desperate to make him drink it. Actually as Indravadan was detected with Calcium deficiency, drinking milk on the regular bases was advised to him by his doctor. As Indu doesn’t like the taste of Milk, he is doing all he can to avoid drinking the same. Related reading for you: Maya and Monisha’s Birthdays | Sarabhai V/S Sarabhai | Hindi TV Serial On DVD | Views and Reviews Maya On Mission To Arrange Monisha’s ... Read More »