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Adobe announce “No Flash Player Support” for Android 4.0 devices | Tech News

Adobe recently announce something which is important for the web users, especially those who access the sites from the mobile phones; and of course the webmasters. Related reading for you: Google Play Turned 1 Year | Tech News Android Wear | Keep Yourself Attached To Technology | Google Ventures Google aquires Motorola Mobility in a huge deal | News Google ... Read More »

How will your website appear on a mobile device? | Opera Mobile Emulator

Opera Mobile Emulator Installation Wizard Step 1

Ever wondered that how your website will look in a mobile device or how to check your website’s appearance in a mobile device? Well, everyone knows the simplest answer, just open it from a mobile phone! Related reading for you: Adobe announce “No Flash Player Support” for Android 4.0 devices | Tech News Nano Ganesh | Mobile App to control ... Read More »

Get The FavIcon For Any Website | Interesting Stuff

If you are a web developer, you are surely familiar with the FavIcon. It is the small icon representing the minified version of the site logo (or theme) in the browser addressbar. Related reading for you: Top Level Domain Changes | Top Level Domain Changes Google Proposed to ICANN Search within a site or domain | Google Search Tips And ... Read More »

Solar Powered Plane Successfully Completed The Test Journey | News

In the month when the World Environment Day is celebrated, the Solar powered plane have completed its test journey! The test journey was the maiden attempt to have the solar powered aircraft fly for 24 hours (i.e. the day and the night). As the journey went successful, it shows the new hope for alternate energy sources. The experimental plane was ... Read More »