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Spectre | James Bond Film | Hollywood Movie Reviews

The James Bond franchise needs no introduction and as the trade of spying is as old as humankind and its tendency to go to wars, i.e, as long as our histories go, it also goes in the circles like everything else in life. The James Bonds of sixties through eighties might score very high on the flamboyance and glamour aspects ... Read More »

An Interview With Maria Vermisoglou | Author of The Cursed Girl

Maria Vermisoglou - Author of - The Cursed Girl

Hi friends, Allow me to introduce Maria Vermisoglou, an aspiring young author from Greece. Recently we got a chance to read her book, The Cursed Girl, and we liked it. You can read our unbiased reviews for the same at: The Cursed Girl by Maria Vermisoglou | Book Reviews Impressed by her writing style and the way she has penned ... Read More »

Avyakta Kamala by Satyendra Dhariwal | Book Reviews

Avyakta Kamala by Satyendra Dhariwal | Book Reviews

Recently I came to know about a book named Avyakta Kamal (अव्यक्त कामल : कलि-काल के धोरों में जन्मी एक महागाथा – The Involute Dunes: an epic saga born in the age of Kali) by young and aspiring author Satyendra Dhariwal. Though it is not his first book, but it is the first by him we got a chance to ... Read More »

Jumanji (1995 Movie) | Views And Reviews

Some stories have magic in them…literally… and they go on to become a worldwide phenomenon that even the writers would not have imagined at the time of writing. Such is the case with the 1981 book written and illustrated by Chris Van Alsburg. We are talking about the scarily entertaining board game – Jumanji that has now turned into a ... Read More »