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Reader’s Digest India | October 2013 Issue | Magazine Reviews

We got the subscriber’s copy of Reader’s Digest magazine (India Edition) very late for October 2013 issue. We have almost lost hope to receive it, but got it finally to our amazement. Though we do not blame RD team for the same, as in past also we experienced the same, and November 2013 issue is reached quite on time. Here are our personal informative reviews for the October issue. The wallet with credit and debit cards – on the cover page, caught our attention, and we found that there is an article about – Honesty – in the issue. Actually ... Read More »

Reader’s Digest India | November 2013 Issue | Magazine Reviews

November 2013 issue of Reader’s Digest – India edition is quite on time. We have got the subscriber’s copy on 1st of November, which is very accurate in terms of schedule. Here are our informative reviews for the same. People are getting more and more health conscious these days. (At least we feel that, otherwise, people are health conscious since the beginning, but the availability of proven knowledge at ease, makes them to implement the same quite easily). The editorial reflects the editor’s call back to the very first issue of RD published with a health article. Reader’s reactions – ... Read More »

The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri | Book Review – Part 1

The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri | Book Review – Part 1

What’s in a name? that which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet; – William Shakespeare “The Namesake”, the critically acclaimed book by Jhumpa Lahiri, first published in 2004 by Harper Parennial, revolves around the eternal questions. The sense of belonging that is so important to a human being, where does it come from? Where do we derive our identities from, Parents, Family, Place of Birth, Friends or the Place that we call home most of our life? Book Title : The Namesake Author : Jhumpa Lahiri Publisher : Mariner Books (September 1, 2004) Purchase ... Read More »

Five on a Treasure Island by Enid Blyton | Book Review

Once in a while, a writer unintentionally creates a set of characters that become popular beyond his/her imagination and their fan-following becomes almost a cult. Julian, Dick, Georgiana, Anne and Timothy the dog came into existence when Enid Blyton wrote “Five on a Treasure Island“. The story featuring the brave children and their dog on a summer adventure was first published in 1942, became very popular and was followed by many books in the series called “Famous Five”. Book Title : Five on a Treasure Island Author : Enid Blyton Publisher : Hodder Children’s Books (1997) Purchase Links : Buy ... Read More »

The Templar’s Quest by C. M. Palov | Book Reviews

“The Templar’s Quest” Sounds familiar, isn’t it? Yes, published in 2011, “The Templar’s Quest” is one of those books written in wake of phenomenal success of “Da Vinci Code” which made every reading soul in English world aware of the mysterious Holy Grail. Book Title : The Templar’s Quest Author : C. M. Palov Publisher : Random House (Paperback) Purchase Links : The Templar’s Quest By C. M. Palov @ Amazon.com Buy The Templar’s Quest By C. M. Palov @ Flipkart Throw in the magically powerful Holy Grail with an ex-commando, medieval historians, fanatic Nazi descendents and lure of time ... Read More »

The Source by James A Michener | Book Review

First published in 1965, “The Source”, by James A Michener, is part of the pool made by the endless number of books written by mankind about God and religion. And yet, it is different in a way that it hardly discusses God and Religion as we are accustomed to see it portrayed in literature. Book Title : The Source Author : James Albert Michener Publisher : Random House (Paperback) Purchase Links : Amazon.com : The Source: A Novel By James Michener Amazon.in : The Source : A Novel By James Michener Flipkart : The Source By James Michener The Source ... Read More »