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The Great Game | Episode 13 of Baahubali: The Lost Legends (Season 2) Animation Series | Views and Reviews

Let us continue our quest to explore the fictional tale of Baahubali via Hindi TV Serial (it is available in 4 languages, Hindi, English, Tamil, and Malayalam) Baahubali: The Lost Legends: Season 2. Today we are going to talk about the last episode of the season. TV Serial : Baahubali – The Lost Legends Season : Season 2 16 February, ... Read More »

Time Crawlers (Stories from Parallel Universes) by Varun Sayal | Book Reviews

Time Crawlers (Stories from Parallel Universes) by Varun Sanyal - Book Cover

Do you love reading Sci-Fi? How many times did you found the Sci-Fi has proper dosage of “Science” part and yet the “Fiction” is interesting? Well, that is the challenge for the author, to balance Science and Fiction part. Recently we came to know about a book named Time Crawlers (Stories from Parallel Universes) by author Varun Sayal. The author ... Read More »

Ascendance by Sadhna Shanker | Book Reviews

Ascendance by Sadhna Shanker | Book Cover

Recently we came across a book named Ascendance which is written by Sadhna Shanker. Sadhna Shankar work with Income Tax department at a remarkable position, but this is her first book. In this book she tried to explore a fictional world where everything is her creation. Being a person playing with the numbers and laws on daily bases writing a ... Read More »