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Aap Ki Khatir – The Wedding Date – Asking for Trouble | Movies cum Book Review

Aap Ki Khatir - The Wedding Date - Asking For Trouble

The way Bollywood movies take inspiration from international films has been a running joke for decades. There was a positive campaign of spotting copied scenes and sequences in Bollywood films once Indian cinema fans acquired access to internet and therefore movies all over the world. Sajid Khan hosted some really funny TV shows (like Kehne Mein Kya Harz Hai) in ... Read More »

Mr Holmes by Bill Condon|Movie Review

Directed by Bill Condon, Mr Holmes features Ian McKellen as 94 year old Sherlock Holmes striving to tie the loose ends and gather a sense of completion around him before death claims him. He is a man whose senses are going slowly, along with his memory. Movie : Mr. Holmes Director : Bill Condon Produced by : Anne Carey, Iain ... Read More »

Looper | Movie Review

Looper - Film Poster

It is not very often that a geeky concept proves equally appealing to the masses – but there is one exception that has fascinated humans for ages. Yes, we are talking about Time Travel. The countless ways it has been featured in works of fiction from H.G. Wells’ Time machine to Terminator to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban ... Read More »

The Adjustment Bureau | Movie Review


As noted previously on this blog, Philip K Dick’s stories have inspired numerous motion picture adaptations. Another member of that long list is the 2011 American film “The Adjustment Bureau” which was loosely based on short story named “Adjustment Team“. The film revolves around the well-publicised American notion of the “Big Brother is watching you“. It also briefly discusses the ... Read More »

Swordfish | Hollywood Crime Thriller | Personal Reviews

Swordfish - movie poster

Released on June 4, 2001 Swordfish is an action, crime thriller which is focused on Hacking. The movie have a lot of points which will make you enjoy it as a thriller without a doubt. But it is not a master piece. Movie : Swordfish Producers : Joel Silver, Jonathan D. Krane Director : Dominic Sena Written By : Skip ... Read More »

Superheroes – Redefined , Re-understood, Re-interpreted

There was a time when a few generations in USA depended on the comic strips and magazines to bring them their periodical doses of superhero dramas. In the post second world war era, USA was enamoured by the range of para-humans it had developed ranging from Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, and so on. Today the list is ... Read More »