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Dan Brown

Dan Brown is a renowned American author who writes in thriller fiction genre. He is best known for his acclaimed (and controversial) work – Da Vinci Code. His other thrillers include Digital Fortress, Deception Point, Angels And Demons, The Lost Symbol and Inferno. His book plots are usually a combination of a mythological (or ancient stuff) and modern times, heavily focused on symbols, ambigrams and anagrams.
He does a lot of research for his work (his wife is usually referred as the main researcher, in his books) and hence there is a significant gap between his novels.
Two of his novels are adapted into English Movies.
Here is a collection of review articles about Dan Brown and his work (or the stuff related him and his work).

Digital Fortress by Dan Brown| Book Review

Dan Brown rose to fame in 2003 with his controversial international best-seller “The Da Vinci Code”. This, however, was not his first work. He made his debut in the field of fictional thriller novels with “Digital Fortress“, published in 1998. Though the book primarily belongs to the techno-thriller genre, Dan Brown’s love for puzzles and anagrams, which he later utilised ... Read More »