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The Fist Of GOD by Frederick Forsyth | Book Reviews

First published in 1994, The Fist of God is a typical Frederic Forsyth suspense-thriller set in the background of the war that followed the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq in 1989. The story focuses on a super-gun with a capacity to fire the nuclear weapon called Qubt-ut-Allah or The Fist of God. Book Title : THE FIST OF GOD Author : Frederick Forsyth Publisher : Corgi (1995) The story starts with the murder of Dr. Gerald Bull, whose specialty is designing super-power rocket launchers. Like other science geniuses, he is politically naive, and is duped into designing the gun. When ... Read More »

The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant – The Wounded Land | Book Review

Not long after the completion of Thomas Covenant’s adventure in the first trilogy ( ‘Lord Foul’s Bane‘ in 1977, ‘The Illearth War‘ in 1978 and ‘The Power that Preserves‘ in 1979), Stephen Donaldson presented the second trilogy. First book of the ‘Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant’’ was published in 1980 as “The Wounded Land“. It has been ten years since the last adventure of Thomas Covenant. He is still living at Haven Farm, in peace with its community and has acquired fame with the wonderful books he has written with the wisdom and knowledge he discovered in the Land. The ... Read More »

The Veteran AND Other Stories by Frederick Forsyth | Book Review

“The Veteran and Other stories”, is a collection of five fictional tales by the famous thriller writer Frederick Forsyth. Written with the typical Forsyth attention to immaculate details of real life professionals, each story makes an interesting read, with a game-changer twist at the end. THE VETERAN: A man is kicked to death, by two rogues, on a pavement of a London suburb. The police build up a case, piece-by-piece, with an aim to put the two thugs behind the bars. However, suddenly, a rich and famous lawyer descends from his chamber, and snatches these guys from the hands of ... Read More »

Books We Are Keen To Review

In order to keep our readers updated with our plans in the near future, we are starting this series. Here we will be providing you the information about some of the upcoming products (books/movies and more) which we think will be interesting. As of now, we are keen to have the following books and review them: Lean In : Women, Work, and the Will to Lead – by Sheryl Sandberg Inferno – by Dan Brown If you like to suggest us any book which you think will be interesting to be reviewed and other readers will also like the same, ... Read More »

The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant – The Power that Preserves | Book Review

At the end of second book, “The Illearth War”, we left Covenant in his living room, sick with the knowledge that he might have done more damage, rather than any help to the Land. He starts roaming the country around at night, and confronts a girl endangered by a snake. Just when he is trying to help the girl, he is summoned back to the Land, this time by Lord Mhoram. But, Covenant resists and Mhoram lets him go back. Covenant saves the little girl and is ready to go to the Land. And this time, he is summoned by ... Read More »

The Krishna Key by Ashwin Sanghi | Book Reviews

The Krishna Key by Ashwin Sanghi | Book Reviews

The Krishna Key is the latest book by Ashwin Sanghi. This book is also a thriller and it seems that Mr. Sanghi now understood well that what people love to read Or at least from his books. Mr. Sanghi now swims more comfortably in his story-telling approach which runs two stories parallel; one (usually mythology) from ancient times and one set in modern world. It is not wrong to say, that he is fluent in the genre. (Image curtsey: Press kit, Ashwin Sanghi) Book Title : THE KRISHNA KEY Author : Ashwin Sanghi Publisher : Westland Ltd. So What is ... Read More »