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The Miguel Street by Sir V S Naipaul | Book Review

“The Miguel Street”, third fictional work by Sir V S Naipaul (after The Mystic Masseur and The Suffrage of Elvira) was first published in 1959 and won the Somerset Maughm Award in 1961. The book is a collection of the prose pictures of various characters living on the Miguel Street in Port of Spain, Trinidad. The story is told in first person as the experiences of a young, fatherless boy living in the street with his mother. As he says, Miguel Street would have appeared just like any other slum to a passer-by, but to those who had opportunity to ... Read More »

The Suffrage of Elvira by Sir V S Naipaul | Book Review

Published in 1958, “The suffrage of Elvira” is second fiction novel by Sir V S Naipaul (after The Mystic Masseur) and is set in the colonial world of Trinidad. The story revolves around election in the small town of Elvira portraying variety of characters, each eccentric in its own way but ruthlessly real and tells the story of the transition phase of Trinidad from British Rule to democracy. Boook : The Suffrage of Elvira Author : V S Naipaul Genre : Comic Novel Publisher : Penguin and Others Mr Harbans is one of the candidates for an upcoming election in ... Read More »

The Mystic Masseur by Sir V S Naipaul | Book Review

This first work of fiction by V S Naipaul was published in 1957 wherein he introduced the readers to the world of Trinidad in West Indies featuring the character of a young man called Ganesh Ramsumair, who by combination of luck and some cunning achieved wealth, success and political power to become one of the most popular men in Trinidad. Boook : The Mystic Masseur Author : V S Naipaul Publisher : knopf doubleday publishing group (01/2002) and Others Further Info : Paperback edition is 8.06 x 5.12 x 0.52 inches in size and 177 grams in weight and contain ... Read More »

Reading and Writing by Sir V.S. Naipaul| Book Review

Sir Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul’s name brings to our mind an image of an immensely successful writer. Born to an immigrant family of Indian origin in Trinidad (West Indies) on 17 August 1932, V S Naipaul moved to England in 1950 when he won the scholarship to study at Oxford. He started writing in early ’50s and over the years has won almost every prestigious award in the field of writing including The John Llewellyn Rhys Prize (1958), The Somerset Maugham Award (1960), The Hawthornden Prize (1964), The W.H. Smith Literary Award (1968), The Booker Prize (1971), The Jerusalem Prize (1983) ... Read More »