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Dan Brown is a renowned American author who writes in thriller fiction genre. He is best known for his acclaimed (and controversial) work – Da Vinci Code. His other thrillers include Digital Fortress, Deception Point, Angels And Demons, The Lost Symbol and Inferno. His book plots are usually a combination of a mythological (or ancient stuff) and modern times, heavily focused on symbols, ambigrams and anagrams.
He does a lot of research for his work (his wife is usually referred as the main researcher, in his books) and hence there is a significant gap between his novels.
Two of his novels are adapted into English Movies.
Here is a collection of review articles about Dan Brown and his work (or the stuff related him and his work).

Origin by Dan Brown | Book Review

Origin - a book by - Dan Brown - Cover Page

As we have written before on this blog, mankind has been trying to resolve the mysteries of its own existence for thousands of years. We have been continuously looking for the guiding intelligence or divine force or the ruling conscience that drives this universe. We are desperate to know whether our life has a meaning or is it just a ... Read More »

Inferno by Dan Brown | Book Review

Inferno - Book By Dan Brown

We were very keen to read Inferno – the latest book by suspense thriller writer – Dan Brown since long. But we don’t like to present an article without going thoroughly through the book. Finally, we are able to do so and here are our personal reviews for this book. Book Title : Inferno Author : Dan Brown Publisher : ... Read More »

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown | Book Review

This fifth novel by Dan Brown was released in 2009 after a gap of 6 years since the publication of “The Da Vinci Code” amongst a lot of discussions and anticipations, with the pee-release reports of it featuring Langdon again and the secret society this time being the Freemasons. Related reading for you: Angels & Demons by Dan Brown | ... Read More »

The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown| Book Review

Monalisa by Leonardo Da Vinci

Dan Brown hit the best-seller charts in 2003, with publishing of “Da Vinci Code“. The success was as much due to the better storytelling technique and tight pace of this thriller as much to the controversies and debates pertaining to its picturisation of Catholic Church and religious history of Christianity. Book Title : Da Vinci Code Author : Dan Brown ... Read More »

Angels & Demons by Dan Brown | Book Review

Dan Brown’s second literary adventure “Angels & Demons” was first published in 2000, but the sells picked up after the super success of “Da Vinci Code” in 2003. Related reading for you: The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown| Book Review Inferno by Dan Brown | Book Review Origin by Dan Brown | Book Review Digital Fortress by Dan Brown| ... Read More »

Deception Point by Dan Brown | Book Review

Deception Point, though published after Angels & Demons, is in genre with Digital Fortress i.e., it’s a “techno-thriller”. Amongst other similarities, like Susan Fletcher of “Digital Fortress”, here we have story of a woman Rachel Sexton, caught amongst a dangerous chain of events unknowingly and finally finding out the horrible truth behind the entire scenario. On this journey of hers, ... Read More »